Saturday, June 28, 2008

BardBliss: A Moment

Nothing like sheets that have hung outside to dry.

Listening to: This song is overdone and then she comes along and does this.

Today's Bliss Formula: Waiting to hear if we are headed out to dinner with friends this evening. That would be lovely. A changeable day outside -- many thick, gray clouds, then some sun, and back again. A lot of bird activity.

A Moment

You are taking a mid
afternoon nap; there is a cat
in every puddle of sun
around you.
Smells of mud and promises
float in on pre-spring breezes
through doors and windows --
their capacity for opening almost
forgotten in attempts to keep out
unwanted cold.

The house is still; sounds
of summer -- screaming children,
barking dogs, motorcycles --
long enough away to be remembered
with sentimental smiles.
The clock is ticking
as I walk up the stairs,
carrying a basket of folded laundry
and wearing a short sleeved shirt.

For once, all of this does
not escape me.
I stop and hush my self
in the middle of the steps.
I hear your sleeping breath
and observe dust particles
dancing in sunlight on the landing
and I think, this is it.
And it’s plenty.

--christine c. reed

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