Sunday, June 22, 2008

MysticBliss: Clear Your Mind of Pollutants and Bad Weather


Listening to: Sounds from space. Reminds me of chant. But then it was the ancient yogis who discerned that the universe speaks "OM."

Today's Bliss Formula: Coffee on the porch of an old house; my journal to write in and good books to read. No computer can be a good thing for a day or two (or more...).

I know a lot of people are doing the whole Eckhart Tolle/Oprah on-line thing, so I thought a little Power of Now would be good today.

I love this book; I think it's his best work. I feel like he wrote this and now he just keeps re-writing it. If that makes sense.

My copy has at least two colors of ink in it and after making my mark throughout the text during a couple of readings...well...there's barely anything not underlined.

The first time I read this book, when it was out years ago, I was at a coffee shop downtown. I had to take a bus home and it was snowing -- early winter, wet snow. It was very cold. Our buses here are notoriously late so I sat on a bench and started to wait. In the cold. Getting wet.

Normally this would have made me a bit peeved.

But I had the most amazing experience. I knew I was cold, but I knew it didn't matter. I felt myself getting smiley instead of peeved. A gruff looking motorcylcle dude walked by; he stopped and backed up. Stood a polite number of feet away from me and said, "You are a beautiful woman." He smiled and walked away. He wasn't hitting on me; he didn't expect anything.

But I had been feeling like I was glowing, so I knew it wasn't what I looked like physically that he was responding to.

From Tolle:

Once you have identified with some form of negativity, you do not want to let go, and on a deeply unconscious level, you do not want positive change. It would threaten your identity as depressed, angry, or a hard-done-by person. You will then ignore, deny, or sabotage the positive in your life. This is a common phenomenon. It is also insane.

Negativity is totally unnatural. It is a psychic pollutant...

Whenever you notice that some form of negativity has arisen within you, look on it not as a failure, but as a helpful signal that is telling you: "Wake up..."

Even the slightest irritation is significant and needs to be acknowledged and looked at; otherwise, there will be a cumulative build-up of unobserved reaction.

Remember that your mind is as a big and bright as the blue sky. Clouds will come; storms will come; wind will come; but all weather systems are temporary. Some last longer than others, but cultivate a willingness to let the storms pass.

Cultivate methods by which you can help the storm move through your life; breathing and yoga always work for me. Journaling. Talking. Walking until you are done with it.

I think, too, that we forget that while the storm is blowing, the sun and blue sky are still there.

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Nadine Fawell said...

Ooh, a new (to me) and fabulous blog about my FAVOURITE topic!

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