Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SharedBliss: A Path to Other Blissful Blogs

An inviting path...

Listening to: An excellent song, exemplifying an excellent path through life.

Today's Bliss Formula: A bit of work time at the library (or "berry"). Good to get out with "the masses" (ha).

I thought I would occasionally do something different with SharedBliss -- something other than an interview every single Wednesday. Though I would like most Wednesdays to be interviews, I would also like to throw in the odd open thread question or a blog list.

I realized that I've never revealed what blogs I like to read, which bloggers I find inspiring. And there are so many of them.

When I was thinking about starting this site, I paid close attention to my own internal responses to other blogs. I learned that I didn't like using my reading time with anything overly negative or snarky or pessimistic. If I'm going to read, I want to leave the work feeling invigorated, more fully myself, ready to GO! (As a favorite blogger says.)


Speaking of GO! This blog makes me smile every time. She's funny in an assertive and bold way, and I can feel the energy of her life coming right out of the screen. This is a great blog to read first thing in the morning; it makes me want to write a giant To Do list and finish every single thing on it.

Of course, some of my favorite blogs are focused on yoga, including this one and this one. They're very different from one another, but I think that illustrates the wide variety of minds (and bodies) out there in yoga land. And another and another...

One of the first blogs I ever read religiously was an author blog, my favorite author -- or one of my favorites. Another author, which you might find surprising, but I love the voice in her blog -- better than her books by far, though some of them are funny if you are in need of something light.

This is the only blog I read written by an agent, because she's nice and makes me feel like all things are possible -- rather than discouraging writers, which many agent blogs do.

And this young chick is amazing, truly inspirational -- and did I mention young? Really young. She started out as a fashion blogger and has grown from there. Mostly what I love about her writing is the pure and unadulterated exuberance.

That's just a small selection, but I think a good one.

These are the types of blogs, I believe, that are taking blogging to a different and exciting place. They aren't just diaries but they're informative and/or they give glimpses into different ways of being. And there is some quality writing going on.

I hope you find something new to enjoy!

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Bonnie said...

thought it was about time to say hi and thanks for writting, thanks also for shareing other great blogs there is a wonderful community of bloggers out there and I enjoy reading each one