Saturday, July 26, 2008

BardBliss: Talisman

We waited many years for this
trumpet vine to finally flower.

Listening to: One of my favorite male voices on the planet.

Today's Bliss Formula: Some trips today to garden stores. Time to fill in some holes in the garden. Time to plant some new trees. Time to prepare for a new pond next spring!


There are moments when I allow myself
to indulge in a fantasy where I run away.
It’s always the same.

I would head somewhere warm
like the south of France or Spain,
anywhere I can wear sandals and
short pants almost all year.
I have a bike with a basket,
a small cottage, and gardens
that feed and flower twelve months.

The strangeness of the place,
the distance from where I
now am, the sun, the blueness,
the salt in the air; finally, all of this,
would be enough to rot
this umbilical cord of fear
that trips me up, that keeps
me tied down.

It would rot and I could
easily slice it
with an old kitchen knife.
I would plant its remains
under the tomatoes
and bandage my belly button,
rubbing it with lotion
while it scabbed over,
until, on its own, it fell off.

Then I would place
that scab, that final piece
of you, in a jar on my writing
table, so as not to forget,
a talisman, a source for poems,
stories that must be told,
but no longer a source of pain,
no longer allowing
your blood to boil
in mine.

--christine c. reed


DAWN said...

I like the poem but I am sorry, I couldn't get over your first statement. . . the one about the Trumpet Vine. How long did you wait for it to flower? I have been waiting 4 years!!! for mine. It is very beautiful in green and viney all around my wishing well, but wish as I might the dang thang won't flower! is there hope? please tell me there is.

differenceayearmakes said...

Thank you for reminding me how much I love Dead Can Dance.

Connie said...

I love the poem. The images it painted in my mind! Also, I agree--thanks for reminding me about how much I love Dead Can Dance too.

Peace & Love.

nollyposh said...

Oh goodness this poetry called to something so deep inside of me that the emotion it evoked slipped unrestrained from my eyes... I guess l need to ask myself why my tears still live so close to the surface...
Dear Connie (above) sent me over to your blog, Thanks Connie girl X:-) and Thankyou Christine X:-) Vicki x

blisschick said...

Dawn, hey, who could get past the poem when you have trumpet vine problems?! :) We waited 7 years, if that gives you hope. And welcome, Nollyposh, I feel very honored that my poem touched you so deeply. Hope to see you in these parts more often! :)