Tuesday, July 22, 2008

EcoBliss: Revolution = One + One + One...

One of my bikes at nearby park.

Listening to: Especially for today.

Today's Bliss Formula: OYE. Internet troubles yet again. So just to be working online is a sort of bliss. I think I need to start lighting candles to the Internet Gods or something. Though I'm quite certain I'm not alone in this.

I’ve written about this before. And I’ll write about it again, I’m sure. Because it’s that important and it needs to be said until we all really hear it.

I’m talking about the power of the individual.

I’m talking about real revolution. The kind that happens in your heart and your mind and affects every one of your daily actions and then ripples out to touch all those around you.

Like my banner says, “Be the change. Live your bliss.”

Some people find this idea simplistic but it’s the most complicated and difficult of all ideas because it means taking personal responsibility for all that you hate about this world, all that you find wrong with it.

It means that you are no longer allowed to sit around complaining and pointing and blaming.

You are no longer allowed to dwell on the numbers and how they are stacked against us.

You are no longer allowed to grieve things that have not happened yet.

You are no longer allowed to martyr your life to “good causes,” because you are the only good cause you have any control over.

Your new job is to be happy.

Your new job is to live the life of your dreams.

Your new job is to be a good example for those around you who keep saying “no” to life.

Your new job is to evaluate all your rules and figure out where they come from and decide if you still need them.

Your new job is to weed out the hypocrisy growing in your own garden.

For example, if you hate the wars we perpetrate on others because of resources and you hate this government administration, why are you still buying gas for your car? Why aren’t you walking? Why are you still a two car family?

If you hate how we over-consume, why are you still buying? What hole are you trying to fill?

If you hate the abuse of small children in Chinese sweatshops, what are you doing about the abuse of small children right next door? Do you turn your eyes away when you see someone being cruel to or screaming at a child?

If you hate that our drinking water is being poisoned, why are you still ordering your ChemLawn?

If you hate all the crap your kids are exposed to on TV, why is there still one in your home?

In the song, I link to above, John Lennon sings:

You tell me it's the institution
Well you know
You better free your mind instead

Again, does that sound simple?

Then you don’t get it.

Ask the Dalai Lama how “simple” it is. After a lifetime of loving kindness meditation, this is a man who still thinks he is a faulted human who has much to learn about compassion.

All the bad stuff “out there” that we all hate? It’s all about us. It’s all our doing.

It’s also all our un-doing, and the more of use who believe this, the closer we get to a turnaround.

One + One + One...and on and on and on...

And it really will be all right.


Caroline said...

Good food for thought!

Val said...

Yes, Yes, Yes!

When I finally realized and then accepted that I am the ONLY ONE responsible for my happiness, AMAZING things began to happen in my life. What a responsibility and what a relief to know that only I can change the world - at least my world, that is.

The domino effect has been amazing as well. I've had no intentions of outright influencing others, but many people have come to me with questions about love, and gratitude, and peace. . . and questioning is where the journey begins. And our journey together is way more important than the destination.

bella said...

new here and so glad to have "found" you.
what a lovely space you have here.
I'll be back!

blisschick said...

bella -- welcome! thanks for coming by. yes, val, questioning is where the journey begins -- well put. and to clarify, i don't think we can set out to be good examples (i was worried that ended up sounding egotistical), but i think it just happens if we are following our hearts.

Tree of Life said...

Thank you for the inspiration. I am going to memorize the Clarissa Pinkola Estes quote. It seems like a guide to my perimenopausal journey-- discovery of my wild life. I'm getting out of the city today! The wild river calls...