Thursday, July 31, 2008

RandomBliss: No More Verizon!

Today's Bliss Formula: Though I am writing this at the library on a (cough, cough) inferior computer (I don't think you can imagine how much of an understatement that is), I am still happy to have cancelled our Verizon DSL earlier today. Even though it means we have to wait two weeks to get cable internet installed. Even though it means I will have to take a laptop (that I have to now order) outside our house to another location just to do my daily writing. Verizon is almost completely out of our lives. Horrible, horrible, horrible service. Did I mention that their service is horrible?

So, yes, today, there is no photo. There is no music. But again, there is no Verizon.

Tomorrow things should look much more normal because I'll work on an Apple again. Oh, my beloved Apple!

And all of this trouble just demonstrates to me how much I need a lap top. If only as a back-up. Our current Apple is the gorgeous flat screen iMac, which I love, but I don't think I can throw it on the bike and head to free wireless places with it.

Onto other things...

My class on Tuesday evening at the Whole Foods Co-op went wonderfully. There were 18 people and I feel like they got more than they bargained for. The guy in charge of the night said he felt like it was the best thing they'd done in a long time.

And I feel like I made some converts to the whole idea of car-fee living, but further, I feel like I really got through to them about conscious living and simple living and slower living.

And they are part of the reason I finally stopped fighting the technology today. Normally, I would just go on and on with that sort of thing, getting an ulcer. Well, "normally" meaning how I would have acted even just a year ago.

But I must really be hearing myself. That company was making me unhappy, and instead of fighting them, I just let go and looked for a path with less resistance.

I think this is a lesson for all our life choices. There's no need for "difficult," not really. If something is too difficult, too resistant, maybe there's a reason.

The trick, though, is to stand back and clearly discern where the unnecessary difficulty resides. I mean, I tried for a while to decide that the "universe" was trying to tell me not to blog, to give up on my writing.

When really, seriously, the universe was just pointing out that Verizon sucks!


carlikup said...

You can "NOT" be serious about the blogging comment you just made, right (..someone in Maine is panicking here)?? ...

O.K. (biiiiig sigh of relief)! Of course it's Verizon ;0)

But on a more serious note. In Judaism there's something called the "yetzech hara". It is explained to us that this is an evil inclanation, your evil inclination. Its' job is explained as making you do or think bad things ~ you know, that little devil that sits on your shoulder? And whenever you want to do good in the world, this little devil will nudge at you, and send all kinds of obstacles to make you give up that good thing.

Because, I hope you know Christine, that your blog is such a "good" thing!

blisschick said...

Carla, Thank you! The Jewish myth helps. I'll keep it in mind. :) And I did get over the little self drama about the universe being mean specifically to me! HA!