Thursday, August 28, 2008

RandomBliss: Being Green No Longer Means Sackcloth

Today we celebrate being green without looking all beige!

Listening to/watching: I love the whimsy and theatricality of couture fashion. Great couture is art, not clothing. It is sculpture, and eventually the lines and ideas of it trickle down to us commoners!

Today's Bliss: The autumn like weather continues, for which I am so thankful. What an amazing summer we have had. Today, I begin to work on a large project proposal so any good energy you can send my way would be appreciated! (Also, cupcakes are always helpful!)

Just a couple of years ago, you could barely find anything made from organic cotton that wasn't beige. Manufacturers had not figured out how to dye without using the more common chemical applications, I guess. Then again, part of me thinks that this beige look was a badge.

A beige-badge signifying what a very serious environmentalist you were -- so serious that you could not wear color because then you might look happy!

No more, thank goodness!

Now organic cotton, hemp, bamboo -- all of it comes in every color imaginable. Even the dreaded white, which has, for a long time now, signified...bleach (insert evil mastermind music here).

There were other badges of honor that enviro types would wear -- or not. God-awful sloganed t-shirts. No leather shoes at a time when finding vegan shoes meant going to the very ugly.

The main rule was not to be too very cute. This indicated an obsession with externals and material goods that was unbecoming to someone who wanted to save the forests and the whales and who drove a car that smelled of french fries.

Like I said -- No more.

Now you can care and be cute all at the same time. Hooray for friendly glitter and dye and hair color and...

First rule for the ChicChick when it comes to buying stuff: Buy the best you can afford so you aren't constantly buying. Yes, you might be wearing the same shoes for longer than one season (gasp!), but if you buy quality, most likely you are also buying classic so it won't matter. You'll always look and feel chic instead of cheap.

Here's my list for dolling up your green life:

First, let's Europe that bike, shall we? No need to look like a jock. For the front, check this out.

For the back of you bike, this holds up to 45 pounds.

And this, so you can be friendly and assertive when you are passing other people.

Something cute to carry your stuff and put inside your baskets.

If you are walking, who wouldn't want to look so very French?

Speaking of vegan, these bags are from Canada -- land of caring, right? I have a bag from them that is easily 4 years old, and it still, to this day, gets commented on every single time I carry it.

Another tip for the ChicChick: When you can, buy handmade and right from an artist. The internet is an amazing thing when it comes to arts and crafts -- allowing all sorts of people to stay home and not drive to jobs they hate. So we should support them -- or each other, whatever the case may be!

My favorite handmade skirts, of course.

A favorite jeweler.

Another jeweler who uses recycled vintage typewriter keys and will make anything you want her to make!

Instead of slathering on potentially poisonous sun block, why not just carry one of these?

Here's something to keep winter cheery (if you live where you get snow).

The final rule I have to offer: have fun. Your whole life is a creative art piece that expresses the unique person you are.

So, do you have any favorite eco-chic finds to share with all the other chicks out there?


Caroline said...

There is nothing better than being cute and green! We have come a long way! I love the list of retailers you posted. Thanks!

bojosmom said...

Just got a catalog with Bamboo clothing offered. Can't wait to try it.
side note!~ I finally figured out how to download photos to my blog. Thanks for your assistance and advice a few weeks ago. Maybe i am not as tech challenged as I thought!
peace and blessings.

Connie said...

Thanks for including my bag Christine!! Another sweet surprise for today!!

I'm totally with you on the cute and eco friendly thing. Why not!?!? That's why I started my bags in the first place...those other ones were just too drab for my liking.

Hey---I also ADORE couture fashion...I completely agree with you that it is sculpture not clothes. This year I am actually attempting with my seventh and eighth graders a year long practice where we are "upcycling" and "recycling" objects into couture fashion then having a huge fashion show at the end of the year with a cat walk and everything. Should be fun...I hope!! Well, it's off to a good start at least!

Peace & Love.