Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SharedBliss: Interview with Pink Heels' Jennifer Moore

Dreamy...the logo for Pink Heels.

Listening to: An appropriate musical scene (wait for it...2:30 minutes is when it gets most interesting) from my absolutely favorite Audrey Hepburn movie (hers too, it turns out). My favorite scene is actually this one.

Today's Bliss: Wearing pink, of course! Listening to the soundtrack from Monsoon Wedding while I'm at work. Perhaps watching some Audrey this evening.

Okay, you must remember that I was in college from 1987 to 1991. Late eighties, so you can imagine some of the outfits and the size of the hair.

But to this day, I still recall with absolute fondness one pair of shoes I owned. Very high heels. That I wore with faded jeans (remember the year, please). And the shoes were so shiny. Made of pleather, probably. But most importantly, they were a shade of lipsticky pink that was to die for. I felt like a vixen in those shoes. You know what I mean.

Of course, they are probably partially responsible for my lower back problems...but I digress (with a giggle).

So as soon as I saw the name of Jennifer Moore's company, I was taken right in.

Jennifer is a remarkable woman. She is one of those people who went down a path or two before finding where she really wanted to be, so she speaks from a deep well of experience, which matters in her line of work.

Which is helping you to find your line of work. And I mean work with a capital W -- your purpose, your path, your bliss(chick).

Jennifer runs a career and business coaching company, a yoga studio, creates materials for you to do your own coaching, writes a blog, and facilitates workshops.

Where does she get all of that energy? I'm thinking the pink heels have something to do with it -- like Dorothy's ruby red slippers.

Describe the PrimaryBliss of your life. How did you come to know that this was your PrimaryBliss?

The source of my PrimaryBliss that transcends into everything that I am and do is YOGA! I have learned so much about myself through the practice of yoga and continue to grow as I explore new limitations, boundaries, and moments of zen. It is from my yoga experience that I created Pink Heels™ and the services available through this business. I came to learn about my source of PrimaryBliss after my first yoga class! I knew right then and there, this is IT!!! I am a new woman!What types of choices and sacrifices did you make to be able to craft this bliss-filled life?

The beauty of yoga is that it is FREE!!! You can unroll your mat and practice anywhere, anytime. No sacrifice is needed. However, living my PrimaryBliss and transforming it into my career path required many financial sacrifices. The frequent trips to Europe, lavish dining experiences, and shopping sprees ended the day that I decided to start Pink Heels™. And believe it or not, I am happier without these amenities in my life. I find joy, happiness, and even bliss from experiences and things that have no dollar value.

How does your PrimaryBliss radiate out into the rest of your life?

Pink Heels™ embodies everything that I radiate from my yoga practice: inner peace, balance, and happiness. I share my bliss with every woman that enters Pink Heels™. Many come with specific needs to find their own passion and happiness but others are just seeking change in their life. Through yoga, belly dance, pole dance, career coaching/consulting, and business coaching/consulting, they take away more then they sought to find. In essence, Pink Heels™ helps women find their PrimaryBliss.

What are some other activities that also give you this sense of bliss? Things that make you lose track of time?

The next best thing to yoga is meditation, bubble baths, walking barefoot in soft, green grass, laying in a hammock watching the clouds float by, running, enjoying the solitude of the lake, rollerblading, spending time with friends and family, and eating great homemade food.

What is your daily or weekly spiritual practice?

The first thing that I do every morning, after letting the dog outside and using the loo myself, is meditate for 10 minutes. Every evening I finish my day with yoga. I also seek out opportunities to expand my understanding of spirituality. I recently finished learning about chakras and have since incorporated them into my yoga practice.

What music is your bliss?

The sounds of the world around me best represent my bliss.

Name books or authors/poets or people who are your bliss, who influenced your bliss.

I love books and could easily give you a long list but in this day and age, the internet is my best source of bliss. My two favorite spots to check out on a weekly basis are: Spiritual Cowgirl The Zen In You

What advice would you give to someone who feels they have not yet discovered their PrimaryBliss?

Don’t rush it! Your PrimaryBliss will find you! Live your life and be open to the beauty that surrounds you. And then one day, when you aren’t looking, it will happen!

Do you have a favorite quote you would like to share?

I would like to share the Pink Heels™ yoga quote that I encourage all students to ponder. It has become such a popular quote that we have trademarked it and created shirts. Peace Within ~ Love Between ~ Compassion All Around™ -Jennifer Moore

See? Remarkable. To give up a life of material luxuries to follow your bliss with no guarantees takes courage and openness, both of which Jennifer demonstrates to those who come through the doors of Pink Heels.

I find her epiphany moment illustrative of the power of yoga. I always tell people that yoga is great for the outside but that it will totally change your insides -- whether you want it to or not. That, for me, is the proof in yoga's pudding.

When I started doing yoga, it was purely motivated by a need for less stress and anxiety.

But over time, I noticed that a different and more intense alchemy was taking place. That I was, slowly but surely, becoming my true nature through yoga.

And yoga is totally what allows me to be creative and to write every single day. It fuels me and it prepares the ground so that all my creative impulses can be actualized.

Jennifer was an open conduit, obviously, when she very first stepped on that yoga mat. The larger miracle is that she was willing to take the leap when she heard the call.

How about you?


Anonymous said...

Good interview. Thanks for sharing it. Loved the Jeenifer Moore quotation as well.
peace and blessings.

Pink Heels said...

Thank you for the honor to be interviewed as part of your beautiful blog! It was such a pleasure to share my source of PrimaryBliss with the world.

As my first yoga teacher, fellow PrimaryBliss interview-ee, Kimberly Wilson says, "Get Your Yoga On!" It truly will transform your life when you are not looking!

Namaste to everyone!

Caroline said...

Jennifer...I am so inspired by you! I am not sure how you pack so much in during the day and still make time for your blog...congrats to you! You are a wonderful soul!

Kristen said...

I am currently working with Jennifer and can attest to the fact that she is a great mentor. She has such a spirit about her... it is catching!

I need to get my hands on one of those shirts. I love that saying!

Cara said...

I have been working with Jennifer for the past two months and feel so blessed to have found her. She has helped me to truly revolutionize my career.