Saturday, September 27, 2008

BardBliss: Jewel Tones

The last grasshopper but I couldn't resist this --
it looks like his senior portrait!

Listening to: Another song I love, love, loved in high school.

Bliss: Our apple finally has a red blush to it! We've had good luck with our newer trees and vines this year. The kiwis are dee-licious. And the apple tree will only produce more and more over time. The almond tree has made it through the summer without losing any of its new growth so we might see flowers next spring for the first time. Next year: back to more vegetable production; I actually missed it (unexpected!).

Jewel Tones

Rubies and diamonds and peridot
and pearl and topaz and moonstone
cascade from my lips.

Rather then collecting them
and throwing them at you
like rocks, I am

determined to string them
together with wisps of silver,
weave them into

fine strands of silk,
paste them to my forehead
and into my belly button,

hang them in my sun filled
windows, and pour them out,
through my pen,

until they spiral and tumble
and swim and make mandalas
into which I can

dive heart first,
until it is time to be
poured into the sea.

--christine c. reed


bojosmom said...

Hi,Beautiful post. Now I feel bad for ranting and raving on my post this mornin'! You always serve to remind me the importance of bliss. Thank you.

treehousejukebox said...

Very lovely!

And the comment about the grasshopper cracked me up. :)

Caroline said...

Love the grasshopper! And LOVED black coffee in bed! Gosh I haven't heard that song in years! I wish I had an apple tree in my yard...I would be baking up a big pie!

Tess said...

OK, so I have a problem with your blog. (Don't worry, it's a nice problem!)
I'm trying to limit my blog reading and commenting generally to specific times a week rather than dipping in here, there and everywhere and losing focus.
So every time I come to your blog I think "oh crap, another great post, and I missed commenting on yesterday's great post, and the day before that, and now it's too late to comment on them so I have to do a really good comment on this one, but maybe it won't be a good enough comment to make up for all the missed comments."
So will you for the love of everything holy stop putting the rest of us to shame with so many wonderful blog posts!!! ;-)
(This is rather an eccentric way of saying that I do read and enjoy your blog very much, even if I don't comment as often as I mean to.)

Sacred Suzie said...

I love jewel tones, they're my absolute favourite. I wish my whole wardrobe was filled with them! Cute grasshopper.

Naturally Jules said...

Senior grasshopper took my breath away - beautiful!

Lisa said...

Great photo!

I LOVED that song, too!!! Reminds me of college days :-)

Wish I could come visit to see all the fun things you're growing. I'm planning to expand my garden next year and will certainly use you as inspiration.