Monday, September 22, 2008

InnerBliss: How Connected Are You?

What do you see in this beautiful sky?

Listening to: Oh, this is really pretty (and totally relaxing)!

Bliss: Happy Autumnal Equinox! This came just in time for me to wear it to work today. Pure happiness -- I got the red, which has a lot more color variation (yum) than the photo could ever show.

(The first six chakra posts: one, two, three, four, five, six.)

A couple of years ago, I painted myself into a very dark corner. I had over-intellectualized my human experience to the point that I decided, quite logically, that not only was there no God at all but that any need of him/it/her was a sign of weakness and lack of intelligence.

I decided that there was no reason for a higher being, that being a good person and living an ethical life in no way depended upon anything outside of myself.


But...I am, at my core, an optimistic person, and this stance on life felt like anything but optimistic.

Also, I finally figured out that there is no way to "prove" either side of this argument. And the lack of proof for something is not equal to proof against that same thing. That's a basic rule governing good debate.

Besides, my craving for, my deep need of a higher being, a higher state, a larger picture...none of it every went away; I was simply using energy to deny it.

This from someone who had a near death experience at the age of seven. This from someone who has always sought out a relationship to the divine. This from someone who has continued, throughout her life, to have mystical like experiences beyond the one at age seven.

Gifts. I was blatantly turning my back on all of these gifts. But no more. And I am happier for this change. Blisschick came out of this change. Because of this change, I lived through a couple of deaths that before felt like they might kill me or send me into despair from which I would never return.

I am back to feeling more like myself. I am on my path and on purpose.

The seventh chakra, or the crown, or the thousand petal lotus, is located at the top of your head. Some call this the seat of your soul or the tenth gate. You could think of it as a sky light through which you see and experience the big mind of the universe. It is the channel through which you receive and send messages to the divine within and without. It is the opening of your creative conduit.

In religious icons, it is the location of the halo, the shining light of infinity, where your soul enters and then exits your body.

Here are some guiding questions to work on regarding this chakra:

Do you frequently feel your own boundlessness? Are you aware of your big mind?

Have you gotten past old, worn out ideas of anthropomorphizing divinity? Does the infinite frighten or excite you?

Are you able to take a leap of faith? Are you trapped in your intellectual mind?

Do you frequently feel non-duality? How often do you think of yourself and "other" as separate?

How large a part do devotion and inspiration play in your life?

Are you able to see the larger picture or do you get mired in the details of everyday life?

Are you overly sensitive to outside stimulation, like light and noise?

Are you plagued by doubt? Have you lost a sense of meaning? Do you suffer from a lack of purpose?

How well do you know your own mind?

Does the word "faith" make you cringe?

Do you feel smarter than other people who are tied to a particular tradition? Do you see religions as a crutch?

Do you have a persistent fear of death? If so, here's a great book.

Gem stones that are said to be helpful when working with this chakra include amber, diamonds, and moldavite. Flower essences include lotus and angelica.

The best "exercises" you can do for this chakra are prayer and meditation.

Also, to more fully explore the idea of our minds being the seat of our souls and the power inherent in this idea, I suggest watching this a few times. Or this. Or this. Or even this.

Faith. Hope. Devotion.

What kind of new world could you help to make with words like these?


Val said...

I see a mother dancing with her a child.

This is the first time you've asked questions about the chakras that I have not been able to answer positively. So I guess I know now where I need work. Truth is though, I knew this already. I knew I've been lacking in the prayer and meditaion arena. You just confirmed it for me.

Thank you.

nollyposh said...

i see an angel <3
...and just last week having had a mastectomy putting me in the postion of facing my 'mortal fears' again, i have seen lots of angels lately in the clouds...
i was guided to one of your recent posts which included some wisdom from the guru Yogi Bhajan and he spoke his wisdom to me of the importance of daily meditation and chakra clearing...
to have this 'clarity of mind' is to hear our inner intuition or higher self/ spirits voice...
~Faith, hope, devotion~
in/for self, to have it for others too... is god to me x

differenceayearmakes said...

I have so enjoyed following these posts. Thank you for the insight and the questions - and the movie suggestions.

I see an dancing angels. I have a photo that I purchased from a photographer's shop in this small town we love to visit. The cloud, drifing over the water, backlit by a russet sunset - is a perfect representation of Aladdin (or the genie), in hat, beard, face, short jacket, carrying his signature lamp. I was entranced - MAGIC I declared, there is magic (and miracles and wonder)! This photo always reminds me.

bojosmom said...

I see a Phoenix rising into the sky. That probably comes from my birthsign being Scorpio which also is represented by the Phoenix. I have found myself rising many times from the ashes [sometimes when I was sure I could never rise again] and soaring into the heavens. In fact, I am in one of thsoe soring times right now. Gratitiude and grace have been coming to me from many directions. I count my blessings several times a day!
peace and blessings.

naturally nina said...

i am a big fan of your blog too. thanks so much!

nirvana diva said...

what i find interesting is how many people i run into who deny their need to connect with the divine simply because it is not popular to admit that you beleive in God.or that you are a christian/catholic/jew etc.Or that maybe you attend church services.There is a reason we all talk to ourselves afterall.deep down we feel know someone is actually listening.

blisschick said...

Cool, Val, I'm gald for that. It's awesome to get to your edges, don't you think? And Nollyposh, I hope you are feeling well after your surgery, and I am glad that angels are finding you when and where you need them! :) And Nirvana Diva, some very excellent points -- I've been thinking so much about those very things. How I don't even wear a bracelet I love to work because I can feel people eyeing it and then making an instant judgment about my beliefs. And I love your point about talking to ourselves...I'm going to start thinking of it that way!