Thursday, September 25, 2008

RandomBliss: Things (&Blogs) I Love Thursday

Things (&Blogs) I Love Thursday

Listening to: Classic pretty 80's punk. I prefer him/them live as opposed to canned videos.

Bliss: The generosity of other bloggers continues to surprise me (by now, it shouldn't). So today my bliss is to share some things I love that other people are busily and happily creating!

As someone turning 40 in November this year, I've been thinking a lot about "success" and where I am and where I want to be...typical stuff.

Gala over at Icing has a two part post about what she thinks are the causes of quarter and mid-life crises. (Quarter crises being a new thing...) She is spot on about the causes and the solutions. And she gave me lots to think about.

Emma over at Treehouse Jukebox wrote a wonderful, concise piece about ... peace. About fighting. About politics. About the need for refuge.

Christine Kane writes about the financial "crisis" and how much power we have to choose not to participate. I always think about 1929 and how most of that was really fueled by massive fear responses that swept through large groups of people. We must not do that again.

Rebecca at The Difference a Year Makes was sweet enough to post a video at the bottom of this piece that was just for me -- and boy oh boy, did my partner and I get the giggles!

Kimberly, that Hip Tranquil Chick, created a simple list of simple things we can do to make a difference.

Diane writes The Everything Yoga Blog and it is everything worth reading.

Connie at Dirty Footprints reminded me that dancing is not only good for our bodies but essential to this soul!

Lisa at Nerdy Renegade News takes some photos of the sky that are breathtaking and then her batteries give out -- which is when the real lesson starts.

Jennifer at Pink Heels is starting a really wonderful, amazing thing -- a small business blog e-circle. If you have a small business, participation is free!

For anyone who is new here, some things I've said in the past that I think bear repeating:

Regarding the elections that are coming up, I think we all need to remember that it's not about "them," but rather, it's about our own everyday actions.

Fear was on my mind back in May.

And we all need a little personal revolution, I think!

And because art is a path to happiness and joy, here are a few of my most recent Etsy finds:

Caroline of The Zen in You has opened a really lovely photo store.

Julia of The Red Otter makes gorgeous handmade journals.

I am totally captivated by these tiny creations of JooJoo.

LilyMoon seems to conjure entire worlds on flat sheets of paper, one image at a time.

I hope out of all this reading and viewing you find something or someone who changes your perspective, who makes you see something old in a new way, who roses up those glasses so that the world is a wee bit prettier in pink than when you arrived.


Lisa said...

You are so fabulous! Pulling up your blog each morning is like a treasure hunt for me. What goodies will appear on my screen? And I'm always overjoyed, touched, enlightened, blessed.

Thanks for mentioning me as one of the blogs to check out. It's great to have like-minded kindred spirits on this journey. I'll be sure to visit the other blogs you mentioned - as, indeed, I can use more wonderful women's wisdom in my life these days.

BTW, 40 is great!

Lil said...

well i'm here...and i'm going to click on some delicious links now.

this one didn't hurt my blue glasses at all...


Connie said...

Thanks Christine for including me! Lately, I have been so busy. I decided that Yoga comes first in the sleeping in before that has made it a bit difficult to surf my blog ladies as much as I used to...but I need to check everyday, or I'd feel like something's a bit off!!! Thanks for always adding your insight to the universe and probing my heart with questions and thoughts I ponder for days....seriously...even weeks!

Peace & Love.

nirvana diva said...

truly great links!i visit many of these blogs daily. hope you'll visit mine sometime....

treehousejukebox said...

I'm still wandering through all these good links. :)

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for the Pink-Heels link, I've been in touch and going to start the e-circle this October. Yahoo! Thanks!