Saturday, October 25, 2008

BardBliss: Still Life

Skipping stones at the lake.

Still Life

on a too warm
early spring
day -- the tulips
open to bees and bright --
a half moon floats
in a blazing
afternoon sky.

a half moon floats
half hidden
in brush stroke thin
clouds and a summer hot
sun sweats my skin
and the wind chimes
are silent.

the wind chimes
chime not even
a whisper
but birds fill that space
and a hardly breeze
lightly breathes
over my skin.

a hardly breeze
barely tickles
my bare feet
barely moves
the branches of a light
willow tree
as the half moon floats higher.

--christine c. reed

A poem written in one sitting. Literally. Sitting on the front stoop and just writing and falling in love with the words and the rhythms and forgetting everything but what was happening.

When did that last happen for you?


Lil said...

ahhh christine...days like this hardly exist for a mama of a 3 1/2 yr old...but just now, it did. and as i watch winter approach, although i love winter for the activities, but not the stuck inside factor, i miss spring.

*happy sigh nonetheless*


shinyyoga said...

aahhhh I feel like I'm sitting there right now with you. *wish*

It's been a while since I escaped from the world and from my mind to enter a place like this, thanks for taking me back there : )

Lisa said...

I've been doing more free flow writing lately. Catching a few minutes whenever and wherever I can to jot some thoughts down in my journal. I love it!

And today, while at a classical concert (my friend was playing in the orchestra) I took out my journal and drew a picture with the pencil from the church pew in front of me :-) For just a brief period I was totally enveloped in the NOW of that very moment. So cool!