Friday, October 24, 2008

BlissQuest: Fantasies as Metaphors of Deeper Desires

I loved this lighting in the woods on our walk.

Listening to: Some of my favorite French pop in a perfect video for today's topic.

Bliss: Another sunny day and I am off on an adventure to find a perfect day planner and some pants that fit -- a fantasy in and of itself.

Here are some of my fantasies:

It is Sunday and my partner and I awaken in our Parisian flat. It is warm enough to spend the entire day walking about the city. First, we stop in at a favorite cafe -- the one I went to when I visited Paris, right next to the book seller stalls, with Notre Dame looming across the river. We sit and sip cappuccinos and eat pastry and read a newspaper -- in French -- and generally just people watch. Then we walk in the gardens and stroll along the Seine. All day... until it's time to stop somewhere to eat and drink wine and watch people some more.

Or here's another:

We live in a small house near the Sea. On the edge of a small village-like town on the Mediterranean. Yes. That's right. I awaken and get on my bike to go into town and run some errands. My partner gets right to her easel. Perhaps I go for a swim. I arrive home, bread and flowers sticking out of my basket, and I get to my typewriter.

You get the idea, I'm sure. Maybe there's even something a bit familiar about one or both of these.

Sometimes I get so caught up in these fantasies that my heart aches for them. It is a feeling similar to home sickness.

When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws
an image of the experience out before her
and enters into her own image.

--Meister Eckhart

It is easy to become so captivated by our fantasies that we begin to believe that they must come true. That we must possess them. We believe it is time to sell everything and move somewhere and thus become some other version of ourselves that we think will be better or smarter or prettier or all of that and more.

We forget that wherever we go, there we are.

But it is too important of a message to forget. If we forget this, we will always be moving. If we forget, we will always conjure new fantasies and convince ourselves that "this is the one." If we forget, we will always be in motion, never still enough to be ourselves.

Believe me, I know about this firsthand. I spent too many years of my almost forty thinking that if I could just find the perfect place to move to, then I would finally be able to be who I always wanted to be.

Thank goodness, I realized that I had it backwards. First we become who we are meant to be and then the outside stuff happens naturally. Of course, by the time you really become you, the outside stuff matters very little.

Now when I catch myself fantasizing like this and falling for my old tricks, I challenge myself to see the fantasy as a metaphor. I challenge myself to see the message within. My soul, like Eckhart says, is asking something of me and I have to put all the clues together so that I might have the experience that my soul craves.

My fantasies have some constant themes.

First, I am on the lookout for a certain level of solitude. Notice there really isn't interaction with other humans except my partner and whomever is handing me my next coffee drink!

When I start having these fantasies, I know that I need to seek out some serious hermit time.

Second, and somewhat paradoxically, my fantasies are usually very crowded with people. Cities and villages crawling with art and culture and humans going about their daily dramas. I may not want to be involved but I want to see it, watch it, learn from it.

When I start having these fantasies, I know I am craving some serious cultural enrichment. A trip to a large museum often sates this appetite or a local music event or a great book.

And finally, the fantasies are always centered around my partner and I living an existence of separate but supportive art based days. Besides the Sunday version where we walk about all day, the days in my fantasies are about getting down to the business of creating.

When I start having these fantasies, it is always about me not acting on my bliss nearly enough.

So, a question for the weekend (or longer):

What are your fantasies trying to tell you? Also, who are you in these fantasies? How can you be that person right now, right where you are?


treehousejukebox said...

I like this idea! This is a very useful concept. Thank you!

treehousejukebox said...

P.S. Have you ever done an interview with Marcy?

epiphanygirl said...

Thanks for making me revisit my little fantasy sequences... I live in constant tension with my dream life that is much like yours - dedicated to beauty and near constant creative endeavor. Kind of hard with a full time job and all of the "details" that employment outside the home introduces to life. I think because I often let myself feel so bogged down by my real life commitments, I never move my writing desk to a rocky spot in the west of Ireland or to our ocean front retreat in Bora Bora where my husband is working to save the lichen or turtles and I am finishing up my third novel. (The real fantasy here is that my husband, the electrical engineer, has become an eco-warior). In a way, I need to let my fantasies burn a little more brightly so I can really learn the anatomy of their metaphors (there has to be something beyond "but I don't wanna work!").
Blessings and Thanks,

nollyposh said...

~Thankyou~ Blisschick xox