Saturday, November 29, 2008

BardBliss: For Federico Garcia Lorca, A Prayer of Sorts

I can't get enough of these Japanese Maple
leaves on the icy snow.

For Federico Garcia Lorca (an early draft)

on the drive out
to the country side
did you mourn for
your family?
did you lament
the lovers never
known or
did you foresee
all the poems
not written,
ache for all
the words not spilled,
like ink across your desk
(or blood across the sand)?

I imagine your
drive to your
death and I too
weep for the poems.
I feel your heart
constricting at the thought
of them
and I vow
to write more myself,
not to waste
a minute
with mundane
concerns, to open
my eyes to the land,
my heart to the sky,
to let the muse
pass through me,
take residence
in my blood
still flowing,
my heart still

the jazz piano
in the background
slows my pace
and the city
glows with fresh
snow and
people come and go
through the doors
of this cafe
unaware that I sit
and imagine
your death as I try
to re-imagine my
own life.

--christine c. reed


Caroline said...


Connie said...

I am grateful. Grateful for your gift to paint with words. Reading your poems is like viewing a VanGogh.

Peace & Love.

Bob W. said...

Very beautiful. As I'm sure you know, Lorca is one of flamenco's most famous fans, so this has a special resonance for me as a flamenco guitarist. Lorca poems are often performed to flamenco accompaniment. Thanks.

Bob W.