Monday, December 29, 2008

InnerBliss: New Year's Dissolutions

On a walk in the park.

Listening to: This singer songwriter was trained in the Suzuki method so his instrumentation is awesome; he has an easy voice; and he whistles like a freaking bird (appropriately so)!

Bliss: We've been getting some sun and blue sky. Not a ton but it's better than none. I have felt that my stores of vitamin D were getting a bit...depleted. And I'm still enjoying the Christmas tree lights, how about you?

Every year at this time, I start thinking about the idea of New Year's Resolutions. (Drum roll.) And every year, I decide -- "decide" meaning "decide by not choosing" -- every year, I decide to not make a list.

Then I feel a little guilty. Who knows why, but I do -- as if making a list of goals were some biological imperative that I was purposefully ignoring.

I find most people's ideas of New Year's Resolutions to be along the lines of their Lenten promises -- a bit juvenile. You know the sort I'm talking about. Those people who have not moved past the "give up chocolate" for Lent and "exercise more" for New Year's.

At the library, at the beginning of the year, the health and nutrition books fly off the shelves as do the language CD's, so I know from direct experience that a large part of the population sees the resolution thing as a way to push themselves toward that ever desirable and ever elusive perfection.

And by February most of those books and CD's are back on the shelves, so I know most people have, of course, given up, been defeated.

I think this happens, because like with most things, we often are taking an easy route. We do not dig deeply; we go for the surface stuff.

This year, I have opted for the word of the year. It took me some time to think of this word and now I will contemplate its meaning in my life for at least the next twelve months. I will use it as a mantra; I will use it in my journaling; I will ask myself if what I am doing matches the idea behind the word; I will surround myself with images to reinforce those ideas.

Essentially, the word will become a part of me.

Beyond that, though, I have been contemplating the idea (as usual) of simplification and how to challenge myself to refine my life even further through a New Year's Dissolution.

I want to dissolve the excess. Dissolve whatever gets in they way of my true callings.

So that I don't influence other's thinking on this too much, I'm going to wait until tomorrow's post to write any details of my New Year's Dissolutions.

Until then, how about you? What would you like to get ride of, let go of, dissolve?


epiphanygirl said...

Oooo! I like this idea. For some mysterious reason I have been up since 4:30 a.m. on this work free Monday. Maybe I should have gotten up two hours ago and started trying to dissolve whatever it is that was disturbing my holiday slumber! Off to the meditation station to see what dissolutions start crying for attention.
Early (very early) morning blessings, Marisa

Lil said...

Having alrady chosen how I want to intentionally live in 2009 (tenaciously), I haven't thought I what I'd like to let go of to make room for this. But I will...purging to make way for the new living makes sense to me...


Linda-Sama said...

funny how I blogged about basically the same thing...I don't make "resolutions", just intentions that I throw into the Universe and if things happen, they happen.

differenceayearmakes said...

I don't make the ordinary new year resolutions anymore - those "I will.." statements that end up reminding me far too much of a to-do list, which immediately overwelms me and so I do little if nothing. Took me awhile to figure that out.

Then I began with new year intentions, which are broader and more encompassing - but I must admit it has taken a few years before they didn't strongly resemble resolutions. But I think I've finally learned how to craft them so that they encourge me with possibilities.

This year I have 3 intentions, 2 words and annual theme/slogan. I think I've got it covered....sort of....maybe. Ought to provide entertainment watching me work with these. :~)

But speaking of dissolutions.....

This past year, well couple of years, has been all about letting go - letting go of the old and letting go of stuff that has become clutter.

But something came up today in conversation, and I've been noticing this same thing coming up here and there - and that is: my own limited thinking. By limited thinking I mean that I set limits for myself, for my own abilities, for my own possibilities.......that do NOT really exist. I guess it is a matter of making myself small. What is that quote?

So if there is anything that I would like to dissolute? (is that a word even?) it would be MY LIMITING THOUGHTS, of me. And how do I do that, I'm not at all sure, but I'll be working on it.

That and everything else I've set for myself - oh, and have I mentioned I usually check in at the mid year and adjust as necessary. I have noticed that regardless of my best 'intentions' very often each year has a theme all its own which only becomes clear about mid point of the year. And it usually doesn't match any of my intentions etc.

Ecoyogi said...

My word is a hybrid: combining "commune" (as in with nature) and "community" (as in with people).


My intention is to be fully present as I give and receive (beauty, love, wisdom, abundance) while being in conscious relationship with my environment.

Dissolving is intriguing. I think it's happening naturally...

Making this more intentional seems like a good idea too. You're full of them, as usual, Christine. Thanks!