Monday, December 22, 2008

InnerBliss: The Sacred, Silent Secret at the Center

Frozen Echinacea seed head.

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Bliss: I am thankful for all of the comments and suggestions and advice. There is so much wisdom! I am feeling a quiet and peace settle upon me, and I think that is a most excellent sign!

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I come to the Center.
Let me never forget
that all things find their source
in spirit and to
spirit shall
all return.
I come to thee
seeking balance.

I come to the silver light
of moon,
the golden light
sun. May I, this day and this night,
find my
path and walk it with
grace, serenity, hope.

--from A Priestess's Litany for a New Day by Grey Cat

The center.

A perfect ending to our exploration of the four directions, which only exist in relation to the center.

The center: the place of beginnings and endings, a place of mystery, a place where everything unknown is known, from which the invisible manifests to become visible.

From the center of her being, Mary will birth the Christ. From the center of ours, emanates our true nature, our Light, our love, our Soul.

After describing to you my feelings as of late and asking for your help, it is no wonder that most of you told me, basically, to get back to my center. You told me to get quiet, to meditate, to pray -- all those things that we do to stay balanced, to remain standing, to stand precariously on two feet, planted firmly (not always) on the ground.

As a dancer, I know how important the center is. To balance on one foot, you must find that center. To turn rapidly and not become dizzy, you find that center. To leap, to kick, to move with grace, you find the center.

Go outside and stand. Native Americans would remind you that above you is Father Sky, below you is Mother Earth, and in the center of you, in the center of all of it, is the Creator.

According to contemporary pagan thought, to work with the center, here are a few correspondences (this list is not as long, because the center is the ineffable stuff of the great mysteries): the center is about the energy of change, transformation, immanence, everywhere and nowhere, within and without; it is beyond time and all of time; it is the turning wheel of all seasons and no seasons; the colors are clear, white, black; the tool is the cauldron; the plant is mistletoe; the goddesses are Isis, Shekinah, the unnamed one; and the God is the unspeakable JHVH.

I have spoken before about reading Andrew Davidson's The Gargoyle. An incredible book in which the main character, at one point, speaks to a priest, who talks about the cross. He says that the cross upon which Christ hung is all about the four directions, first of all, and that Christ himself is the center, which connects heaven and earth.

If Christ is "the Way," then we are the center. We are the spirit made manifest so that we might have this human experience and from it be transformed.

Some things to contemplate:

Do you spend time each day aligning yourself with your center? Do you delve into your center through explorations of quiet and stillness? Do you have a prayer life that supports and strengthens your sense of being centered?

Do you find yourself frequently feeling "off balance?" Do you run through your days in a frenzy, coming to the end feeling dizzy? Do you often feel light headed? Do you suffer from frequent anxiety?

Do you know what makes you feel your best? Do you respect those things and make time for them every single day? Are you easily thrown off balance by obligations and the needs of others?

Do you allow yourself to stand still in the mysteries of life or are you too quick to desire answers for answers' sake? Are you able to contain contradictory ideas and not feel uncomfortable?

When making big decisions about your life, do you feel yourself working from your center or are you simply reacting out of old habits, old patterns, others' ideas of who you are?

I am reminded of Ravi Singh, who says, on one of my yoga DVD's:

May your feet have roots and your skull a skylight;
may heaven and earth conspire within you.

And I'll add: Breathe from your belly and feel the cord of spirit and light that connects you to all the universe. It's always there.

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Tess said...

Such wisdom here and in the wonderful comments to your post the other day. I can't recall whether it was you or Epiphany Girl recently describing the online conversations we are engaged in but I'm so glad to be here.