Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SharedBliss: The Birth of Light

A favorite Marian nook in Buffalo.

Listening to: Lots of Guadalupe art (which I love) in this, but some of the other paintings are incredible, especially toward the end. (This is one of my favorite paintings in this category of art -- at the Art Institute in Chicago -- make sure to enlarge the image.)

Bliss: Tonight, a celebration with friends. The Orphan Party, as we call it. Then Marcy and I are off to midnight mass at the Cathedral.

Right now, the celebration of Christmas is just one of so many celebrations of light. May we all feel the light reenter our spirits and may we act as beacons to those who are feeling trapped in darkness.

That's what we're here for, right? To be the change by living our bliss.

And then that girl the angels came to visit,
she woke also to fruit, frightened by beauty,
given love, shy, in her
so much blossom, the forest
no one had explored, with paths leading everywhere.

They left her alone to walk and to drift
and the spring carried her along.
Her simple and unselfcentered Mary-life
became marvelous and castlelike.
Her life resembled trumpets on the feast days
that reverberated far inside every house;
and she, once so girlish and fragmented,
was so plunged now inside her womb,
and so full inside from that one thing
and so full -- enough for a thousand others --
that every creature seemed to through light on her
and she was like a slope with vines, heavily bearing.

--Rainer Maria Rilke

What "marvelous and castlelike" life are you birthing?


Danny Lucas said...

John Kennedy's Inaugural Address is recalled for the "Ask Not" question so eloquently posed.

But he glimpsed into the world of light only moments before that question. He said:
"The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it, and the glow from that fire can truly light the world."

The "endeavor" he spoke of was freedom.

Energy, faith, and devotion can produce the light, that produces glow to light a world.
A world in freedom.

Mary transcends all of that tonight.
The energy, the faith, the devotion, that she brought to the endeavor....
the endeavor of birthing Jesus Christ, the Light of the World....
produces a glow that truly lights a UNIVERSE, not just a world.

And the glow from that light produced freedom; freedom from sin.

"Hail Mary, full of grace" begins the prayer.
Protestants do not like this concentration on Mary. They prefer all concentration be directed at Jesus alone.

But their relationship, mother and child, proved unique. Their bliss could not be broken. She pondered in her heart; He resided there.
His first miracle was at her request.

Immaculate Conception is a misunderstood phenomenon, even among Catholics. It refers to MARY, being conceived without sin, to later bear the Son of God.

Christmas celebrates a Virgin Birth.

The Old Testament was concerned with justice.
The New Testament is all about grace.....the purest form of bliss.

Mary was "full of grace", about 15 to 17 years BEFORE the Old Testament closed.

The New Testament begins with the Book of Matthew in the Bible, but Luke Chapter 1 openly declares Mary, full of grace, and the Light of the World to come through her, to all of humanity through all of time.

He touched the dimension of time for only 33 years, for He always was, is, and will be. Those 33 years were filled with the energy, the faith, the devotion, truly light a Universe....
and provide freedom to all, forever.

Do not miss out on the celebration. Tonight is a gift from God.

The gift?
Just what YOU would want from another person the most.
God gave himself!

My sister, Mary, emails often. The subject is always the same. She writes:
~ A Mary Note ~

Even before opening the email, a smile develops at the subject.

Embrace the smile of
~ A Mary Note ~
tonight, from God to You.

Mary puts the Merry in Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all
and Grace and Peace as well.

carlikup said...

Merry Christmas Christine!