Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SharedBliss: End of Year Review

Pre-Sixty Degree Day

Listening to: Something perfect for year end contemplation.

Bliss: Not owning a car. And entering an even deeper understanding of why I appreciate that fact. More about this tomorrow.

Starting next Wednesday, I'll return to the normal SharedBliss interview series with an interview with the wonderfully outspoken yogini, Linda Karl.

For today, the last day of this year in which so much has happened to me, I thought it would be appropriate to look back at what I've done via this blog.

I started blogging on April 15th of this year with a post about Joseph Campbell. He was the inspiration for the name of the blog, and it is his idea of bliss as a path and not as an emotional state that still influences my thinking and writing.

Since that day, I have not missed posting a single day of this year: this is post 283 in a row. Phew!

One thing that blogging has taught me is that I have a capacity for commitment heretofore unknown to myself. This makes me...happy.

Another thing it has taught me (and it seems obvious): when you are doing what you love, what is right, it doesn't matter if you're not making money. I thought I knew this before, but I truly know it now.

A few of my favorite posts from the 282 that precede this one:

Be the Change: I think this post was the first one where I got linked to by other bloggers, and since I'd only been blogging for a week, that felt pretty fantastic.

A few days later, one of the bloggers whom I read before becoming a blogger myself, one who really influenced my approach, linked to this. As a new blogger, this felt like I had hit some sort of jackpot of generosity.

Looking back, I love this post because it was actually telling me a lot more than I could have ever been telling anyone else.

The petticoat that is PissedChick started to slip past the edge of my skirt in this post.

Being my first interview ever, this will always be a favorite; I felt so thankful for this amazing and prolific artist's willingness to participate.

A favorite writer of mine committed suicide; this post came about because of that.

I think this is the first post where I actually wrote as PissedChick.

And the last one for today: this post was the first one that got seriously "Stumbled," and what an utter thrill to watch my statistics that day. Dazzling.

Looking through my lists of posts to pick these few was a real eye opener: 283 is a lot! The little girl in me is feeling very big and a little puffed up. Cool.

There are readers who have been with me since the beginning, or very close to the beginning, and I am so thankful for their support and encouragement.

There are readers who have become friends, and what a blessing this has been. Perhaps someday I will meet some on them in person.

There are more readers, of course, who still simply lurk. I respect that. I was a lurker once myself. Now as a writer, though, I say "Come out and play!"

See you next year. Same bat time; same bat channel. (A little bit of the geek to honor the very beginnings of this blog.)


Lisa said...

Wonderful recap! Here's to the richness you bring to the blogosphere! We are blessed, challenged, enlightened, educated, and nurtured by your presence.

*So* glad to have found you! I look forward to following along, commiserating, and maybe even collaborating in 2009 :-)

differenceayearmakes said...

I'm so glad you began blogging! The world is indeed a better place for it. I didn't discover you until about June, I think, when my early retirement began and I finally had time. Your blog was so....together?....that I would have thought you were an old had at blogging - your writing skills are obvious. I've been going back and reading posts I missed a little at a time.

I look forward to more interesting enriching reading in the future. Thank you.

traveler one said...

I love the lesson you are learning from the process of blogging- that you can be committed to something. That's such a powerful lesson!

Have a wonderful new yar filled with great things!

Linda-Sama said...

love this and I love your post from May 3...I left a comment.

Tess said...

Fabulous, so glad you're here, whether blissed or pissed. We love ya kiddo!

Ecoyogi said...

Looking forward to more of your thoughts in 2009! You are one of the gifts of 2008.

May your life be filled with love and more to marvel about!

treehousejukebox said...

You really hit the ground running with this blog. Awesome! I'm so glad I found it (forget how) and got to know you!

Here's to another wonderful year. :)

Diane said...

I found your blog through your interview with Tara Bradford (I've been reading hers for a long time). You are my best Christmas present this year. Thank you for a wealth of ideas and inspiration. I look forward to more wonderful posts for 2009.

Lil said...

Christine, you know what a struggle I was having when I first came here...delurking was one of the most rewarding gifts I could have given myself this year...I'm thankful that I found your blog, your inspiring soul-full words and your sunny self! Here's to 2009...tenaciously!

Love and Peace to you!
Lil xo

ps. I'm going to have to come back and click on all the links ~ looking forward to it

epiphanygirl said...

Dear Christine,
I think you know this, but you are number one in my book as the blissful, beautiful blogger who offered exactly the encouragement and the inspiration that I needed.

Thank you for being so prolific.

Thank you for giving so much of yourself.

Thank you for being a kindred spirit.

Thank you for the support you offer to so many by writing in this space and to me whenever you stop by my edge of the world.

Yeah, the words aren't doing it for me - You just rock!


Linda-Sama said...

holy sh@t! I completely missed that first paragraph!

be kind...;) :-)

Kavindra said...

Christine - You were the first (and still the best) blog I ever read. I never realized you just started this past year. There is such clarity of intention and purpose in your blog, overall as well as each individual day.

I commented before that your blog is the first thing I look at when I log on each am, as it kind of sets a sacred intention for my day. Still true.

Very wonderful blog, and now I am mesmerized by the fact that you hit the ground running like this - your post read like you have been doing this for ages (must be your old soul!)

Happy new year to you Blisschick.

Connie said...

What? You started blogging in April? I started in April also--the 27th. I feel like I've known you forever. How can this be?

Peace & Love.