Monday, March 30, 2009

InnerBliss: Nonviolence Starts Inside You

Ahhhh....evidence of what is to come.

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You know how news shows will occasionally do a piece on some poor man or woman whose OCD is so severe that you can't even walk in the house? Or you can, but there are just these tiny, narrow passageways between stacks of newspapers and books and other objects piled all the way to the ceiling?

That is what my brain can feel like sometimes.

And it happened on Sunday.

You can imagine -- or you don't have to because you feel this way often -- that this is quite uncomfortable.

It feels like my brain will either implode or explode, but regardless, it won't be in one piece if another thing tries to get in...or move from its present location.

My anxiety increases and that leads to feelings of anger.

What is going on, you may be asking?

It is information overload, with a big, heaping spoon full of ego.

I start taking in too much media and I read books filled with too many overwhelming facts about the state of the world and then all it takes is one innocent blog entry or a few words from an innocent bystander and I am over my edge.

Freaking out that I can't save the world or change people or make it all better. (Remember what I said -- big, heaping spoon full of ego.)

This is hard to write about.

This past week, I felt like I got some sort of deeper understanding of all of this, and I am taking my use of time and space and my interactions with people more seriously, being more mindful since I discovered that I am definitely an introvert and lose energy easily.

But I am only in the beginning stages of understanding.

And it hit me that this is all about nonviolence.

Nonviolence really does start with how you treat yourself. Only when you can become peaceful and loving toward yourself can you begin to extend that to the world around you.

When I unconsciously take in too much media? I'm being mean to me.

When I don't give myself enough quiet time to process? Again, mean.

When I don't do the things that keep me centered and able to process? Yep. Ditto.

Think about the ways you are cruel to yourself and then think about how you take that out into the world with you.

What one thing could you work on to bring more peace to you?


Sophia Rose said...

I so agree with you...."It has to do with how you treat yourself"...Unfortunately, some peole are born anarchists.

amy said...

This is absolutely true. And taking a break from excessive media use is a big help. My husband told me for years that I "think too much" and that I "read too much," and it is only recently that I've really begun to get what he was saying. It isn't about being anti-intellectual or anti-educational. It's about protecting myself from too much outside static.

Rowena said...

self meanness:

when I stay up too late doing nothing.

when I eat crap for no reason but anxiety or laziness or self destruction.

when I push myself to do more be more keep going without a break.

when I deny myself the time to just relax and do NOTHING.

When my inner voice says things like "You suck" or "I can't" over and over again.

I can identify the self meanness... still working on what self kindness is. Or maybe it's the balance that I'm wondering about.

but I've gotten better about too much mindless tv or too much negative thought.

Jei said...

We are on the same wave length here. I have been writing about and trying to put into practice lately, forgiveness and kindness towards myself.

For me, that has meant getting to bed earlier, rising earlier, not rushing on my way into work, and most importantly trying to address the negative dialogue I have repeating in my head about myself.

lucy said...

i gave up listening, reading and/or watching much media a long time ago. oddly enough i feel better informed about the world and my place in it...and more relaxed. (a little blogging and a few friends seems to keep me plenty informed :-)

allowing plenty of time to get places in the morning. i.e. not rushing

and trying to be kind to those nasty voices is my head. politely thanking them and then asking them to move along if i'm not ready to deal rationally with them :-)

re-charging my batteries...a lot!!

thanks for this as i start my week!

Michelle said...

What a great post. I needed to hear this. Thank you for posting & thanks to everyone's great comments.

The Peace Lady :-) said...

Excellent post!

Ah, yes, it starts within each one of us.

For me, right now, it means listening to the needs of my body and responding accordingly with healthy, wise choices. It also means *really* getting in touch with my values and intentions and following the lead of where that takes me, eschewing all else that needs to be filtered out.

Thank you for your example, insight, and encouragement.

Emma said...

I agree - great post to start the week!

I am so familiar with that overload you speak of.

One thing I tried to do today is walk more slowly when I'm just walking from Point A to Point B (like from car to office). There's lots to see and enjoy and notice all the time, not just on leisure walks. :)

That's not so much about lessening information-intake-overload, but it is a way of being peaceful with myself.

Emma said...

Oh, and I wanted to say: Those look like happy toes!

Ecoyogi said...

Gentle, gentle with yourself my dear friend.

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

interesting ....

differenceayearmakes said...

I suspect this post, which I read early in the morning, led to me processing my post later in the afternoon. You always keep me thinking.

What can I say? I'm working on it.

Anonymous said...

Much-needed post. I've been working on this as well, and it means listening to my body and accepting that it's ok to be sleepy, even if I 'think' I shouldn't be.

Waking up early to do yoga.

Finding balance between self-care and getting my household chores accomplished.

Chanting and Breath of Fire-ing away stress/anxiety/nervous energy.

Noticing when I'm breathing shallowly and increasing the fullness of my breath.

Remembering to laugh!

Have a great week.


blisschick said...

Amy, I love your understanding of what your husband was saying to you. I needed that -- thank you!

Rowena, OH MY I could have written that list!

Lucy, "Allowing plenty of time..." this one is so crucial, the not rushing life. I find myself very often trying to get the most mundane things done AS QUICKLY as possible -- and oye! the anxiety that creates in our bodies. I stop and ask myself, why am I rushing and usually there is NO REASON.

Emma, My toes thank you for noticing them!

Ecoyogi, thank you. I needed that! :)

Jessica, Breath of fire ROCKS for anxiety problems, doesn't it?

Jennifer Hugon said...

I don't even need to respond because Rowena summed it up so well! Especially about pushing myself and denying myself time to relax.

I would also add trying to be perfect and make everyone happy allllll of the time.