Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OuterBliss: What Seeds Are You Planting?

Heirloom tomatoes from our yard.

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This is what the bad guys will tell you (and in this case, believe you me, there are bad guys): Farmers have been crossing seeds and creating hybrids practically since the beginning of farming.


But farmers were crossing seeds looking for that healthiest variety -- not the most sterile or the variety that would give them control over all the farmers in the world.

Corporations like the chemical giant Monsanto are not your friendly farmer. They have commercials claiming they will "feed the world," but do not mistake them for a big batch of Jesi (is that the plural of Jesus? -- ha).

They do not want to teach a man to fish, nor do they want to give a man a fish -- they want to sell that fish. And they want to sell the same fish over and over, year after year.

For a detailed accounting of what is going on, look here or just do your own research. It's well documented. There have been many books written about genetically modified foods; remember, GM foods begin with GM seed.

Right now, there are two bills that are being fast-tracked to make it illegal for you and I to plant heirloom seeds in our own backyards. These bills are both approved of by the administration that so many of us thought would be so different from the previous administration. Both bills are backed by Monsanto. Go here for information and what you can do.

And I must say: how bizarre that while this is being fast-tracked, the White House is putting in an "organic" garden. Is this slight of hand?

Remember what I said before about how it doesn't matter who wins? It only matters what we, as individuals, do on a daily basis in our own lives and this is just one of a million examples.

If you are planting a garden this year, you can help. First of all, research and become knowledgeable about the different types of seed. Second, buy heirloom seed and start seed collections and storage.

Some great suppliers of good seed include Seeds of Change and Scheepers. For flowers, try Brent & Becky's Bulbs and Select Seeds.

Imagine a world where only one company controls all the food supply. Imagine a world in which you can only get red tomatoes!


Jei said...

I spent most of Saturday looking outside at the rain, crocheting and thinking. One of the top things on my mind was this year's garden. I usually do more flowers and herbs than anything because most of the sun comes to the front yard, but this year....I've been dreaming of heirloom tomatoes!! I've been talking about them, and waiting with baited breath for them to arrive at the farmer's market

Imagine my surprise when I saw your photo of heirlooms....I am jumping on the petition signing board....purchasing some seeds and awaiting the annual herb festival.

Thank you...you always reconfirm for me.

Jei said...

Also, I used this site www.victoryseeds.com they seem to have a good reputation.

Sophia Rose said...

To quote you...."just reading and writing"...That in and of itself is everything!!

I have planted herbs ot throw in with alot of my dishes...Roses and lavneder for home made tonics, and veggie plants.
I'm just waiting on them to flourish!! And I'm going to savor them until Autumn graces us with her prsence again. Hopefully I'll have gotten the knack of canning some of these things by then. :)

Carolyn said...

I began collecting seeds for myself, from the veggies and fruits that I eat. Everyone at yoga looks at me funny when I have an orange or an apple after class, carefully, delicately eating the fruit and collecting the seeds in a pile on my leg. I'm thinking about bringing a little jar and asking anyone who would throw their seeds away to drop them in.

Anyhow, all the bad-seed talk reminded me of Superforest.org (have you heard of it?!) They have created a Save-A-Seed Coalition of bloggers who's mission is to spread the word about The Millennium Seed Bank. And The Millennium Seed Bank, well they're heroes.

Check this out! Amazing stuff.




AND! BlissChick, you can join the Save-A-Seed Coalition too! And so can all of your blogger friends.

Sara said...

Great post about a really important issue; thank you! Reposted my own thoughts as well to try to spread the word.

Nerdy Renegade said...

THANK YOU for this post! Discovering this travesty over the past year or so has alarmed me greatly. It makes me physically ill to think of what the big corporations are doing, without most of us even knowing it.

I *am* planting seeds from Sheepers and Seeds of Change this year. I may also buy heirloom starters from local vendors as well.

I've read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" and now plan to read "Seeds of Deception". Although, in my attempt to retreat and watch my stress level, this information is almost more than I can stand.

But, I start with myself and my own garden/household and empower others to do the same.

So...thank you for spreading the word!

(Those yellow tomatoes in that photo make my mouth water!)

Shelby said...

Oh the music video was beautiful.. I linked to it too on my blog after visiting here. You made my day.

Thanks for sharing.