Friday, April 24, 2009

enCouragingBliss: Building Your Happy Place

At the very beginning of April, for enCouragingBliss, we did an exercise about Returning to Your Own Personal Garden of Eden.

Time to revisit that and have a little fun with it. (Especially because I feel like we've gotten really serious and heavy in these enCouragingBliss prompts as of late.)

What made me think of this...

The other evening, Marcy and I were lazing about as we do in the evenings, and I was talking to her about my healer appointment and how I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all this "trying to get better" stuff. I was having a hard time focusing the "better" and was stuck on the "trying."

So, in her wisdomosity, Marcy said to me, "Where is your Happy Place?"

What? Besides this house we live in? This life we have?

I knew what she meant, and she meant my internal, go-there-to-calm-myself place.

Marcy's Happy Place, of course (bet you could guess), is a room FULL of bunnies. They are all romping and she is on the floor with them and they are jumping on her and playing and giving her little rabbit nuzzles. You know, strange...but wonderful!

She asked me to think back to my Garden of Eden prompt. (Yes, I can be slow...even when I come up with the stuff!)

I told her a bit about it.

Then she announced that I was to, the very next day, make a collage that represents my Happy Place!

Again...WHAT? I have never made a collage in my life! I panicked but I acquiesced. (That is the way things go in this house.)

Halfway through scouring for images on the internet, it hit me that I could make my collage in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Super easy and no need for cutting up paper.

So, that is your assignment for this week, if you should accept it, and I am hoping you will.

Create a collage that represents your happy place; share it with us. We might see something you don't.

Marcy, for example, noticed right away that I am in need of a small nook to crawl into:

Remember, you can either Mister Linky to your own blog post about this, or, if you don't blog, just leave a comment about your process and what happened, what you learned.


(Photo Credit: Christine Reed, Lilly Sleeping, April 2009)


carlikup said...

Hoooooo, I sooooo love your collage Christine! Working on mine right away!


Emma said...

I love the colors in your collage! And look at all those fabrics! Do you have lots of beautiful fabrics in your home now?

I'm going to do this project later!

lucy said...

oh, i adore this! i already have a sense of being in my happy place just by thinking about it. i will be making space for the collage asap!

the COLOR in your collage is what stood out to me. so brilliant and vibrant...just like you :-)

positively present said...

Love this blog! :) It's great and inspiring and I think it's great that you're going back and revisiting something today. It's always really great to do that and you can learn a lot.

blisschick said...

Emma -- SEE! Another thing I had not noticed -- fabric. I wouldn't say we don't have nice fabrics, but I am always lusting for more exotic fabrics. like I made our curtains for the living room when I found some fabric imported from Japan. So, funny...

Lucy -- you are very sweet about the color thing! :)

Gypsy said...

I LOVE your collage. The colors, the beauty and magick of it all! I am SOOOOO going to work on this!~

Eco Yogini said...

This is a fun, nice idea! I totally need to envision a "happy" zen space right now! Also- hopefully these collages will help us bring in small little pieces into our physical space. :)

I am going to give it a try! :)


Bohemian Single Mom said...

oh wow!
I am loving this "enCouragingBliss" project you have going on!
I haven't been here in ages (I've been just awful about visiting all my favourite blogs)...and I sooooooo need this!
I'm trying to re-invent myself after a long cold winter of feeling blaaaaaahhhhh!
Thank you!!
I'm going to add the badge to my blog and start participating!
You Rock!
*and that collage is so awesome!

Ketzirah said...

What a wonderful exercise! My "personal eden," which I use all the time is a idealized version of a real place that Art and I used to go on vacation. Whenever I am in guided meditation sessions and you are supposed to start in your "place of power" or anything like that -- this is where I go. Here's a shot of what the real place looks like:

I think I might do a collage, too. It's such a lovely way to really focus on what's important to me. Bunnies, of course, would also be involved!

silvrtop said...

My coach, Miles, recommended checking out your blog. I am so glad I did! I really love this place. When I need inspiration and motivation I come here. I really love your collage. I made my Happy Place collage and look at it when I want to rediscover my happiness!

Snap said...

As much as I find myself in the garden or looking at or journaling about it ... my happy place must be the garden! Thanks for making me think about it! =)

Sydney said...

ooooh delicious. I wish I had the time this weekend to do this. I don't have adobe photoshop or any way to try to figure out how to do it, and am steeped in paper writing anyway. But I am reading, and thinking and will check out others as soon as I can, and live vicariously!

Sydney said...

PS: your happy place is so VIBRANT and full of color. It's INVITING.

Pamela said...

Christine, I could be SO happy in your happy place! Beautiful vibrant colors, warmth and comfort...sighhh....

Thank you for this wonderful prompt. I will definitely use it again and again... :D

Tess said...

This was great, I really enjoyed the process, especially as I hadn't done the original Garden of Eden thing until now.
And your collage is really lovely. Good for Marcy. And thank you for inventing the word 'wisdomosity'. It sounds like something Willow (Buffy) would say. From me that's a big compliment!

Emma said...

Christine, check out these beautiful images. It reminds me of our collages!

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

Oh! what fun I had! This really inspired my creative muse!