Tuesday, April 28, 2009

OuterBliss: Small Things

Let's start with a few things that do not constitute OuterBliss as I write this:

1. 90 degrees in APRIL. No commentary about climate change here, but it's just wrong. I live in the Northernmost part of Pennsylvania. Canada is closer to me than the nearest U.S. city! I am on the edge of a GIANT body of freshwater. This is not our weather. Please take it back, whomever it does belong to, I beg you.

2. Wonky internet connections, even though, being cable, it usually acts like a perfect gentleman.

3. The sound of a pollution spewing lawn mower that can barely keep running...in April. (See number 1.)

4. How the heat and humidity apparently liquefy my brain and how this shouldn't actually be happening until JULY. (See number 1.)

Okay. You get the idea. PissedChick is present and Petty, as per her usual.

But that does not mean that BlissChick is not also hanging out and for example, enjoying the fact that we can can sit outside in the morning and sip our espresso and do some early-for-us, non-scarf-involving birdwatching.

I am also appreciating the glow of the Forsythia -- sans snow!

But the main thing on my mind right now that I am feeling very OuterBlissed about: My Gluten Free Diet!

Yep. Bet you didn't see that one coming.

As many of you know, for my 100 Day Vow*, I am eating gluten free, knowing full well how much better, how much more AWAKE I feel without gluten.

(*You could still take a 100 Day Vow. Just go here to participate, and then let us know!)

Though I feel so much more alive and full of energy when I'm off gluten, I usually don't last past about six weeks. Which is not anywhere near 100 Days. (duh.)

So when I was inspired to create the 100 Day Vow opportunity for others by Lisa at Nerdy Renegade, I immediately knew what I would be doing. (There was much pouting about bread and cookies and bread and pasta and bread and bread...but other than that, I knew.)

Today is day number eleven for me, and I feel so fantastic that I don't even miss bread. Well, not totally, which leads me to...

The greatest, most awesome, biggest OuterBliss of all is that we have found pre-made, gluten free pizza crusts that just rock!

Yes, I am a simple girl and pizza is all it takes to make me happy. And now I have it.

You see, it's pizza -- that evil temptress -- that always makes me fall of the Wagon, but now!? Now Pizza can ride on the Wagon with me!

If only there existed a fully French, fully buttered, gluten-free croissant. oh-la-la. I think I better just count my blessings.

How about all of you? How are those 100 Day Vows going? Has anyone knew joined our ranks?

(Photo Credit: Christine Reed, Double Narcissus, Backyard, 2009)


KeKe said...

....As long as pizza is around, I don't think I could ever give it up! You must be pretty determined to give up pizza~ :)

differenceayearmakes said...

Congrats on your 100 day vow! Your body is happy for it and letting you know. And how can your weather be as warm as mine?

positively present said...

That's great about your 100 day vow. I also wanted to tell you I love the idea of "outer bliss" and your ability to focus on the small things. Sometimes they are the ones that make the biggest differences in our lives!


Emma said...

Congratulations, Christine!! :)

You know I've been wonked out by the temperatures, too. =P

Here's my 100 Days Report.

I vowed two do two things each day.

1. Start each day with quiet time -reading, looking out the window, etc. before turning on the computer or anything like that.

2. Create visual art each day.

Well, I fell of the Art Wagon almost instantly! I have let go of that one for now.

I have succeeded in starting each day quietly, though, and I love it! IN FACT, I think maybe it has started to free me from my excessive computer usage! I have spent much less time on the home computer over the past week. Instead, I have been reading and sometimes also drawing. So, the art is growing out of the quiet/less computer time.

The quiet is good for reasons other than less computer, but that computer issue has been a huge problem in my life. I've very excited to finally be making some progress with it.

Stacy said...

It was too hot here over the last few days too (SE Michigan). It's cool again, and I want it to stay that way until I move in June to a place with air conditioning.

Good luck with your 100 day vow. If you need some gluten free recipes, check out Beck's blogs (both http://frogandtoadarestillfriends.blogspot.com and http://becksrecipes.blogspot.com ). Beck is an amazing cook and her youngest daughter has celiac disease so she's always posting gluten free recipes on both blogs.

Grace said...

Pizza would be hard to go without, glad you found an alternative.

As far as my 100 day vow goes, well, the getting up between 6 and 6:30 is hard, but for the most part have managed to stick to it, although I sometimes linger in bed to cuddle with the hubby.

For the getting out in nature part, it couldn't be at a worse time. You see, the ticks are back. I don't even have to be in the woods, just pick them up from being on the lawn, they are that bad. Those gross things! Yuck. But the gardening gets me outside, not every day, but enough.

Diane said...

Christine, so far I have managed to meditate every day since taking the 100 day vow. Some days have been better as far as length of meditation and depth of my practice, but I've done a little every day. Thanks for the encouragement with the 100 day challenge so I have incentive to keep it up.

Sue said...

I love it how PissedChick and BlissChick coexist. I am in that space right now. Horribly dissatisfied with everything, wanting to LIVE, feeling stuck in so many ways.

And yet on the other hand, the flowers in the garden, the clouds, the small things like the way my dog looks at me, the inner contentment that is like a fountain and bubbles away despite how pissed I am.

That whole thing really fascinates me :)

Hooray for gluten free. Enjoy your pizza! :)

Claudia Olivos and Sergio OlivosM said...

Though I love you (from afar) my BissChick fellow blogger.... I also love the heat and mmhh... have not eaten pizza in years!
My weaknesses are almonds, avocado, french bread and wine. I love all so much, that I couldn't bear to go without for 100 days. but, you can cash in MY pizza soupon ;) (can I drink to that?!)

Brandi said...

I live in texas and you beat me by approx 20 degrees...CRAZY.

congrats on 11 days no gluten!

lucy said...

somehow croissant and gluten-free should not reside anywhere near each other...it's just plain wrong :-)

i am glad you have found your pizza fix and i wish you well on your continued 100 day vow!!

lucy said...

p.s. i do love the reality that pissedchick and blisschick live side by side. we had a similar discussion at yoga class this morning. things are NOT always ZEN :-)

Grace said...

Bliss Chick, I wanted to pass on this award to you. See more here:


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