Monday, April 27, 2009

SharedBliss: My Writing for Pennsylvania

Last week, something exciting happened. I got an email from a woman representing Pennsylvania's travel and tourism blog, The Savvy Grouse; she wanted to know if I would be interested in writing for them on a regular basis -- as a representative of this beautiful part of the state.

Well, of course! I hope to post once a week, and my first contribution can be found here.

Cool. And savvy!


Emma said...

This is neat!

At first, I thought The Savvy Grouse was a funny, but cute, name.

Then I remembered our state bird is the ruffed grouse!

Go grouse! :)

positively present said...

Wow! Good for you! Congrats. :)

lucy said...

congratulations! well done.

KeKe said...


differenceayearmakes said...

Congratulations! Please always post a reminder so I can go and read it. It is a great site.

Jennifer Hugon said...

Congratulations! That is so terrific. I love my neighbor, Pennsylvania and I look forward to reading about your town on the Savvy Grouse!

Sydney said...

Hey there -- I thought I left a commment on here saying congratulations! Or did I leave a comment on the article itself.. that I did, I just thought I did both, lol.