Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SharedBliss: Jeweler Joy White of PureJoy

Joy White of PureJoy

Do you know that I am a jewelry FREAK?! I am pure crow when it comes to shiny and beautiful things -- I want to snag any and all of it into my beak and take it home to my nest.

That is one thing Joy and I have in common.

We are both Lake Erie Girls; that is another thing.

Joy works out of Cleveland, a city my partner and I visit fairly frequently (considering I hate to travel), because it's a very short day trip and there is so much to do. I also think it feels familiar and comfortable -- a bigger version of where we live.

The third thing Joy and I have in common is Kundalini yoga, and how bizarre is it that the person who introduced her to Kundalini yoga was someone originally from...Erie!?

The world is, indeed, a small place, and the internet only makes it smaller.

You can find Joy's lovely blog here and her store here.

See? Don't you love!?

Describe the Primary Bliss of your life. How did you come to know that this was your PrimaryBliss?

My primary bliss is just in being. It may sound simple but it took me a long time to acknowledge that being is no less than doing.

I can’t say that my PrimaryBliss happened at an exact moment but I remember it as a transition in time. I was faced with a struggling business, an unfulfilling relationship, a dying parent, and obesity.

I knew I had to make changes in my life so I decided to just start. Slowly with time and listening to my inner voice, change began to take hold. I lost 80 lbs., ended my relationship, I lost my dad, closed my business and started working with silver and glass.

So how did I come to know my bliss? It was the day I decided to run a marathon in Alaska. I had never run before but somehow I knew that I could do it. Step by step, I began to believe in myself. I used the time running to think and contemplate my future. I spent many hours listening to my feet hit the ground and my heart open up to the possibilities ahead of me.

That was six years ago, and my life is in a totally different place today. I have always been a happy person but now I can say I have come to know my PrimaryBliss and I am grateful everyday.

What types of choices and sacrifices did you make to be able to craft this bliss-filled life?

I chose myself. I let go of old records in my head and followed a path of uncertainty.

I allowed myself to listen to the clues around me and act upon them fearlessly.

How does your PrimaryBliss radiate out into the rest of your life?

My primary bliss radiates into the rest of my life through my name. In some ways I feel it was predetermined. As a little girl I remember people pinching my cheeks and asking me how I could ever be grumpy with a name like Joy. My mom told me I might as well get use to it, I did, and now I am proud when people say my name suits me. THANKS MOM!

Who couldn't work in this lovely studio?
Orange wall -- my fave!

What are some other activities that also give you this sense of bliss? Things that make you lose track of time?

Oh, I have so many things: Silence, walking my dog, time with girl friends, riding bikes with my husband, working in my studio, listening to new and undiscovered music on, my blog . . . . the list goes on and on. I am a master of keeping my self entertained.

What is your daily or weekly spiritual practice?

I strive to do Kundalini Yoga every day and study the Tao. I am very mindful to be grateful each and every day and live my life with compassion.

What music is your bliss?

Oh no, the music question – I am so eclectic in my music taste. Some of my all time favorites are Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Aimee Mann, Phoebe Snow and Andrea Bocelli. Right now in the studio I am listening to Adele.

Name books or authors/poets or people who are your bliss, who influenced your bliss.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer / Gary Zukav / The Dalai Lama

What advice would you give to someone who feels they have not yet discovered their PrimaryBliss?

Be open and honest every day. Listen to your inner voice and follow your heart. If you try something and it doesn’t feel right, let it go and move on. Bliss is like the keys of a piano, it takes a combination of different notes to make a beautiful sound.

Do you have a favorite quote you would like to share?

You must be the change you want to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi - Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 - 1948)

Joy really is her own best example when it comes to being open and honest every day, listening to her internal whispers (and perhaps screams!), and taking action rather than just staying stuck.

If you've not noticed the new tag line on my banner, taking a look after this interview is certainly appropriate. About a week ago, I changed it from the Gandhi quote that Joy uses to "Be brave. Choose bliss."

Sounds just like something another Lake Erie girl would say!


Emma said...

Thanks for another interesting interview!

I've heard many people over the years talk about marathons and running as part of significant life changes. That's intriguing... What is it about running?

Christine Claire Reed said...

Emma -- I KNOW. WHAT is with running!?!? Then I think maybe people get that feeling that I would get when dancing...a sense of freedom and complete unity with your body. But then I think, RUNNING? :)

Christina said...

Oh I'm such a crow for shiny things too!!!! I have a designer creating jewelry for me on Etsy as we speak. LOVE her necklace - I think I have to add Joy to my favorite list!

p.s. I'm also running now :) said...

Hi Christine!
Yet another award for your fabulous blog: a Lemonade Award from moi.
Thank you for your always inspiring and thoughtful pieces.
Pass it on if you like...