Friday, June 26, 2009

enCouragingBliss: One Small Gift for Yourself

I received the box in the above photo Thursday afternoon from the UPS man (or the BrownTruck, as we like to call it -- all one word).

I have not held a box of this sort since I was probably twenty years old. I forgot that it was so small and thin, so smooth, containing so much promise. (I am very tactile, if you can't tell.)

What was in the box? I am sure many of you know...

My first pair of brand new black Capezio ballet flats in twenty years! Woot! I am so totally and utterly geeked about this.

You see, this magical pair of shoes cost a mere 30 dollars, and yet as a symbol, they are worth so much more.

Even before I found and signed up for the YogaDance training, I had decided to take my dancing self much more seriously. As a sign of my commitment, I ordered this pair of shoes.

These shoes are a symbol that I am freeing the Wild Woman in me, the Creative Bird who wants to fly higher and faster.

Now they are not just a sign of my commitment to this idea of me, but they are also a sign of that training and how I am preparing for it -- not just emotionally but also physically, of course.

All for thirty dollars! is the challenge for this week's enCouragingBliss:

What small thing, what inexpensive gift could you get for yourself that would act as a symbol of your commitment to freeing your Inner Wild Woman?

What little something -- when you saw it or used it -- would remind you that you are a member of Eccentricity Revolution.

Come on...Do tell! Then go out and get it.

Make that commitment. Make it tangible.

(Photo Credits: Christine C. Reed, Shoes!, 2009)


Jennifer Hugon said...

Okay, this may sound silly compared to ballet flats, but it's so similar I grinned out loud. They even cost about the same!

This spring I bought myself a pair of authentic women's combat jump boots... just like the one's I got in high school and wore non-stop for the next 10 years. I had to retire them in my mid-twenties when re-soling them again just wouldn't bring them back to life and they didn't quite fit the generally accepted office attire.

Getting rid of them was symbolic of letting go of my care-free, rebellious, openly artistic youth.

And now, getting a new pair? Magic!

I can't wait to hear more about your YogaDance! Yay!

Lauren said...

Others consider me a fairly plain person--I like solid colors, clean lines and nothing too crazy. But on the inside I think I have a desire to be a little bit more creative and wild when it comes to expressing myself through fashion. To honor that, a few weeks ago I bought myself this small brightly colored peacock feather barette. My sister said, "Are you sure you want that? It totally doesn't look like you" and I thought, "Exactly."

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this post, and it's so fitting because I did this very thing yesterday :) It's so uncanny to me, but your posts are always, always so dead-on for me, Christine. I've probably said that 67 times but it never fails to amaze me. :)

So, I have this friend from Miami who is completely uninhibited about looking sexy, whereas I was raised to not look sexy at all. She took me to Gap and showed me how to take a $10 colorful tie-dyed scarf and tie it around my waist and chest like a halter top. Or a tube top. Completely wild, shows much skin, so much so that I'm a bit nervous to wear it in public...which means I am going to in NYC with my friend Ash next week!

But even more than that, knowing I am taking an ordinary scarf meant to cover and keep warm and re-creating it as a sexy top has thrilled me. Every time I look at my scarf, I start smiling. I imagine you feel the same looking at your saucy dancing flats :)

- Jessica

differenceayearmakes said...

HURRAY! What beautiful shoes! in many ways.

Lisa said...

Ooooo, my feet are doin' the Happy Dance just looking at your photos and feeling your excitement :-D

For me, two things come to mind:

1. The wire heart that I found in the woods recently is such a profound symbol of my life right now. Learning to listen and live from my heart ~ which is already complete, whole, and knows the answers. This heart now hangs from my rear view mirror.

2. New clothes ~ smaller clothes! Two dear friends have commented recently that my clothes are too baggy and I need to accentuate my feminine physique more. This is a new thing for me ~ as it's just over the past year of really getting in shape and healthy that this body has appeared. I'm still getting used to what it feels and looks like ~ and how it now houses a more expressive me on many levels.

So...tighter fitting clothes it is! (And giving away a bunch of 'old' things in my wardrobe at the same time.)
And summer...what more perfect time to reveal more of my divine self :-)

leah creates said...

Oh, this post has excited me so. I want to learn to dance. I keep putting it off because I'm not thin enough yet. Sigh, sigh. This 15-ish pounds has kept me from dancing for too long. Perhaps I should try belly dance, to begin?

Linda-Sama said...

my shawls and scarves are my trademark, I have a ton of them bought both here and in India. I have all different weights and I wear them all the time, even if it's 90 degrees.

when I was in Vermont for my PRYT training we danced in the morning a few times and I danced around with my shawl like a whirling dervish. one of the assistants told me how my dancing totally showed what a free spirit I am -- also helps when you wear ankle bracelets with bells like south Indian dancers do!

when you do the dance training, Christine, I suggest you get genuine ankle bells like bharatanatyam dancers use, you'll love 'em! accept no substitutions!

karmacoy said...

Yay Christine... way to go with the pretty dancing shoes!

Oh there are so many Small gifts I'd like to give myself...sometimes they consist more of "time" than material. I feel as though I haven't had enough time lately. Time to play my guitar (100 day challenge coming up will change that!). Time to blog, time to read my blogs (I think I just caught up on your last four posts--- feels like I was away... I missed you!)

And my material desires are a bit more expensive and out of my price range right now... Purple hair (professionally done anyway), a new guitar (I have a friend who is willing to sell a nice one for only $200, but still)

So I need to find a lil' sumthin'.... Hmmmmm.

I'm thinking of checking out one of your often raved about kundalini yoga dvd's!!

Jamie Ridler said...

Wonder-full!!! Delicious!!!

Congratulations on pointing your beautiful ballet-shoed toe into YogaDance. Enjoy the dance, you wild blissful woman!

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

I adore dancing of all kinds! I love bright colors and I want an orange shirt so bad. I think I'll be doing that very soon. :)

Eco Yogini said...

Hi BlissChick!
I just thought I'd let you know that there's a website that is posting your info-

I just discovered today that they've been copying and pasting my entire posts for about two weeks!!!! I've emailed them- but haven't received an answer and I'm trying to figure out a way to stop them from posting anything further.


ps- I LOOOVE your new shoes!

Christine Claire Reed said...

More later...but ...

HEY, EcoYogini, email me at pinkyogi at gmail dot com.

I know about this dude. i even outed him on twitter. no response.

Do you know that's called a Splog (spam blog)? They are all over and they are SAD! I had it happen to me about a month into blogging and it totally freaked me out. You get used to it. SAD, pathetic, STEALERS!

but email me so i can explain something that is going on with your blog! :)

Christine Claire Reed said...

Jennifer, Not at all silly. I totally get it! And it IS very much the same, actually. :)

Lauren, Been THERE! I am a COLOR girl and a SPARKLE girl and it has taken me SO LONG to just let that girl OUT. Do it. Do it now. Don't waste any more time being what other people expect -- not even with your clothes. :)

Lisa, When you come to visit, you better be wearing clothes that FIT!

Leah, I am WAY out of dancing shape and totally HUGE according to MY standards. Other people look at me and see someone totally fit. My point: stop judging your healthy, beautiful self and get your butt doin' the groove thing!

Linda, You hit on something big time. I have owned ankle bells for years and I will NOT wear them in public. Just one of those small ways that I hold myself down. No more! :)

Heather Plett said...

Oh my - you have totally inspired me today! I love this.

I've been building a tiny creative sanctuary in my basement (that's more like a cocoon) and on the weekend I bought some wonderful sparkly, shimmery colourful fabric to drape on the ceiling. It was just such a fun purchase - fanciful, fun, magical. My husband gave me a bit of a funny look when I started hanging it, but I said "you know what? This is MY space, and it only has to make ME happy! If this crazy fabric brings out my creativity, then it's worth it!"

Jan said...

May you dance on in bliss, Christine. I am so happy you ordered those magic slippers. I'm gifting myself a very special summer with less work and more pure en-JOY-ment. That is a luxurious gift as far as I am concerned (as I have a tendency to be a worker bee) and it will allow my Muse and my essence to shine. And I'm opting for a tan!

Ellen in Hawaii said...

I got my nose pierced earlier this year at the age of 41. It was kind of a whim to celebrate reaching the 20 pound weight loss mark. But it was also a symbol to myself that I was embarking on a journey to become a fuller expression of my true self and a visual testament to my creative/expressive side.
Then I got my first tattoo a couple months later when I reached 35 pounds lost. It's a design that I have thought about for 6 years and everything about it holds much significance for me. I decided to *finally* take the plunge and to hell with what anyone else thinks about it.
These may seem like trivial things but to me the are daily reminders of the path I am on.

Ellen in Hawaii said...

BTW - I love the smell of new ballet shoes.

Anonymous said...

Christine, i emailed you! I really hope u recieved it? and hope to hear back from you!!!???

earthmother said...

I know I've said this before... but I swear, more than half of your posts, you write just for me, right? Here's yet another.

When I was seven, I wanted to be a dancer. Mom signed me up for ballet class. We were supposed to come to the first class, dressed in leotard, tights and ballet slippers. Mom took me to Taffy's to pick out my dancewear. Sooooo exciting!!

First class: every single little girl shows up, wearing a black leotard, white tights and pink ballet slippers – except me. I have on the bright tie-dyed leotard I picked out, white tights, and RED ballet slippers. The teacher proceeded to call me up to the front of the class and ridiculed me in front of all the other girls. I never returned.

Ended my professional dance career on the spot. The only place I ever wore those slippers and danced again was in my own bedroom.

If I can find them in a size for big girls, I'm so getting a pair of RED ballet slippers! And, if I can't find them in my size, then a pair of red cowboy boots will suffice. (I also wanted to be a cowgirl when I was seven.)

Emma said...

Hey, earthmother - I want you to know I am applauding that 7-year-old you for daring to be her tye-dyed self! I'm so sorry your teacher was so mean.

I hope you do find some bright red shoes and dance now as wildly and colorfully as your heart desires!

Christine - Congratulations on your new dancey shoes and your commitment to this magical path!

Christine Claire Reed said...

Heather, I think the fabric idea is fabulous. Keep going! :)

Jan, YAY! TIME! The greatest gift of all.

Ellen, Oh, I love the markers/treats that you do for your goals. It's an important part of the process.

Earthmother, I am STICKING OUT MY TONGUE at your freaking dance teacher. THAT was JUST WRONG. I don't know if you can find red flats, but you COULD paint them. We used to do that all the time for costuming. :) I had red cowboy boots in college and I miss them.

Christine Claire Reed said...

Oh, and "anon," I'm not sure -- you haven't let me know who you are in this comment. :) More evidence would be helpful! :)

I do get emails and I always reply. Hopefully you are amongst them.

svasti said...

Actually, when I got my tattoo in Thailand last year, that was one of those things!

Its something I'd always wanted, but never found a style that worked for me. Then, my teacher had found this guy, and I'd seen some of the work the tattoo master did - I was immediately drawn!!

It was honestly one of the best experiences for me and I absolutely LOVE the fact that I have it. :)

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

Well, it's not anything I bought ... but I recently started not tying my hair (I have lots of it, it's curl and tres long) like I used to all the time ... I just let it loose ... it symbolizes me being more me ... less restrained ... more authentic ... the wild mane holds so much of my spirit.

Maybe silly, but true for me.

Ralphine said...

I love to wear ballet slippers. I've purchased many pair, mostly black in leather. My latest find are Miguelito's on the internet for $11.00 a pair in black. They also make them in 88 other colors in soft
leathers. I prefer pleated ballets.
I put gel insoles in them and have a shoe repair sew belting leather soles
on them with low heels (actually the
same belting leather cut to form a heel lift sewn beneath the sole at the heel.) I buy the belting leather from a saddle factory for $4.00 a pound. Usually 3 square feet is enough to make soles and heels for a dozen pair of ballet flats. You can buy belting leather from tanneries on the internet. Buy atleast strips 4 inches wide by
15 or 16 inches long 1/4" or 3/8" thick. You can stitch the belting leather on ballet slippers yourself using a leather awl and stitching thread ie Or, you can find a shoe repair guy who has a McKay stitcher (does an inside stitch) and have him cut the leather and stitch it on your slippers. Ralphine