Saturday, June 20, 2009

MysticBliss: Deepak Chopra

I believe that death accomplishes the following miraculous things:

It replaces time with timelessness.

It stretches the boundaries of space to infinity.

It reveals the source of life.

It brings a new way of knowing that lies beyond the reaches of the five senses.

It reveals the underlying intelligence that organizes and sustains creation.

In other words, death is a fulfillment of our purpose here on earth....The reason that human beings keep seeking fulfillment beyond the stars is that we sense that our own mystery lies there, not here in the realm of physical limitation.

-- Deepak Chopra, Life After Death

(Photo Credit: Christine C. Reed, Dusk, 2009)


mmaaggnnaa said...

Thank you so much for sharing this -- I'm sure shining a light on the positivity of death is valuable for you right now.

I have always embraced the idea of death and dying as a doorway to bigger and better experiences. It is nice to see someone else embracing it, also!

- Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

Beautiful. In the losses I've suffered, I come to embrace these sentiments. For me, personally, being able to consider purpose made the searing pain of loss less intense.

I wish you hearts peace at this time. Someone once told me a few years ago, "pluck the blossoming dawn from the deepest stalk of darkness." Indeed.

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

I loved this. This past year has been filled with heartache due to deaths, but within those deaths I have found strength and peace I've never known.

svasti said...

My guru talks of death as actually 'going no where and everywhere'. As in, this realm isn't really seperate from anything else. And when we leave our physical form, which by design, has limitations, we're a part of everything again.

And in terms of our physical remains, I like to think of a farming metaphor. This shape is not permanent, just like seeds turn to plants, which require water, food and sunlight.

And our form is made of this world. So, when we depart, it simply returns, and in doing so, nourishes something else. Or, so we're meant to, anyway.

And the part of us that never was our body simply returns to the stream of light and conciousness that always was there, never went away and never was seperate from who we are right now.

Might sound like a bunch of gibberish but for me, its important. Something I've seen enough glimpses of to know its not just a philosophical tale, even if I have no idea how the story ends, or if it ever does...