Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Overview of All the Chakras

As you probably know, I am a big proponent of Kundalini Yoga; you could even call me a "Pusher."

I have been doing yoga for about 14 years. I started with Iyengar and was pretty obsessed with Pose Perfection. I have dabbled in many schools of yoga, but I feel most at home in Kundalini. I've been with Kundalini now for about 7 years, and it has been a happy and healthy union.

(If you are new to Kundalini yoga, I have an amazon widget with some of my favorite books and DVD's for the beginner.)

The YogaDance training I will be attending at Kripalu (I got my confirmation of my space!) is also, I think, going to feel very like home to me. It is yoga; it is dance, yes, but it is also based on the Chakras.

I have been studying the chakras for as long as Kundalini Yoga, if not longer.

(For a great book that synthesizes the concepts of the Chakras along with the concepts underlying the seven deadly sins, read Matthew Fox's Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh.)

Last August and September here on Blisschick, I ran a series of posts about each of the chakras that include questions so you might explore each energy center.

And recently, someone used Skribit to suggest that I write about the chakras. I thought a good answer to this suggestion would just be the bringing together of these posts. So here they are, in order from the "bottom" up:

Chakra One: How Strong Is Your Sense of Self?

Chakra Two: Is Creativity Flowing Into Your Life?

Chakra Three: Navel Power Fuels Your Life

Chakra Four: Harmony of the Heart

Chakra Five: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Chakra Six: Awakening Your Intuition & Being True to Yourself

Chakra Seven: How Connected Are You?

Chakra Eight: How Bright is Your Radiance?

Categorizing only eight chakras is an oversimplification, to say the least, but it's also just a great place to start without getting overwhelmed.

Have fun exploring and let me know if there's anything specific that comes up that you might like to see me delve into further.

(Photo Credit: Christine C. Reed, Summer's First Lily, 2009)


Sarah said...

Great post! I will have to read through the linked posts tonight when I have time to dive in with greater depth. I've been trying to study ad include more chakra work in my yoga, so this is fantastic!

Nerdy Renegade said...

Thank you for this recap of your previous posts!

It's amazing to me how, by getting in 'tune' with myself and my body/mind/spirit connection, I am able to discern when & where I'm out of alignment. This has been most valuable for my spiritual growth as well as learning to know and live from my true, divine Self.


Anonymous said...

You know, after all the posts on creativity and dance, I was thinking yesterday afternoon that this all relates to the 2nd chakra.

I am excited for your YogaDance experience - have you ever tried Shiva Rea's Trance Dance yoga? I have one of those videos from a YogaJournal conference, and that first experience completely brightened and opened up my yoga practice. So I know this will be an incredible experience for you. I'll be at Kripalu in another weekend for Mama Gena's Pleasure BootCamp ... I'm considering that weekend a jumpstart on unleashing my wild woman.. ;)


lucy said...

oh, i could find myself getting totally immersed in this post...i am very intrigued with fox's book re: seven chakras and seven deadly sins. wow!

you are a wealth of information offered in a beautiful caring way. thank you!!!

Linda-Sama said...

I'm such a second chakra girl in all that entails....

My yoga room at home is painted orange and grass green and anyone who comes in (I have pics of it on my blog, search for "yoga room") immediately says that they can feel the good energy in the room.

One of the best books (IMO) about the chakras is Anodea Judith's Wheels of Life.

And I've been told my aura is pink pink pink.....


Lille Diane said...

I needed this post. Thank you for the enlightenment. This will help clear up some older things and open new doors for more. Blessings to you!