Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where Does Your Wild Self Wish to Fly?

So much is going on!

As you know, we've had two people pass away recently; we've also taken care of a small, day old baby rabbit who also passed away a couple of days ago. In the midst of all of this, we went to a wedding where I rediscovered my dancing self, which led to thoughts of tamed wildness and then a Eccentricity Revolution for Wild Women Manifesto.

On top of all of this, my word for the year is Fly -- a word born of experiences and wisdom gained through other deaths.

Writing this blog has been a form of flying for me. I have put myself, my ideas, my words out there, and they have been received -- graciously so. I rarely have anything but good, positive, respectful conversations happening in the comments section, and I am grateful for a readership of open-minded, kind-hearted seekers.

(And, no, I am NOT announcing the end of this blog! No way!)

But now, as announced last week, this bird is ready to fly free of her self-imposed cages; she is ready to be a Wild Bird once again, as she was born to be.

And I have invited you to join me. Have you thought about this? Have you opened the door to your cage or are you just staring at that latch, frozen by fear?

Let me be an example...

I have many fears that I have had to overcome to fly out of my cage, but I did it -- and in a big way on Sunday.

I have, for a long time, dreamed of yoga teacher training. There is nothing local. I would have to go away. For a month.

I hate traveling. I hate being away from home.

A month?

But then after dancing at that wedding and remembering that part of myself, I realized that I wanted to somehow integrate yoga and dance. Marry them. (Giggle.)

What did I find at Kripalu Yoga Center? A very special and magical gift from the Universe, that's what!

On Sunday, I signed up to go to a YogaDance training for one week (easing into this) in October.

My wings are stretching!

How about you? Where would you like to fly off to? What dreams are awaiting your willingness?

(Photo Credit: Christine C. Reed, Perennial Kiwi, 2009 -- Yes, it will bear fruit!)


Emma said...

You already know I'm excited about this, but I will say it again. This is excited! Congratulations, Christine! :)

I love the name "Eccentricity Revolution." The big dream that I'm working on now is moving in about a year. We found a good way to locate situations where you can live rent/mortgage-free (exchanging work like gardening, etc. for the living quarters). I think this is going to lead to something in the next year.

In the coming month, I want to really lighten the load of possessions here. So much stuff is just ready to GO. As much as I desperately want that, it's so easy to put it off forever. I've been doing that for years!

Getting rid of excess doesn't sound quite so exciting as YogaDance, but really it is because it's part of a life revolution that will result in a much richer, freer life for us. :)

Emma said...

OK, but did that (my previous comment) really relate to the Eccentricity Revolution? Well, I think it did.

But did it relate to the particularly WILD part?

Maybe, maybe not!

I am pondering this and want to add some additional challenge for myself. Hmm...

Jennifer Hugon said...

Christine this is fantastic! Don't you just love it when such Perfect Opportunities present themselves?

I am excited for you and excited to hear more about the YogaDance training!

differenceayearmakes said...

Wonderful! I'm so excited to hear about your opportunity, so perfect!! You're flying!

I'm into my second year of retirement now and after a year of stress and discovery-ing that life is indeed what happens when you're making other plans - I'm setting out in this new year to control less and go with the flow more.

That doesn't mean I'm not making the occasional plan - not dreaming - I'm just more often letting go of control and attachment to outcome.

And where do I wish to fly? Well, I'm just beginning to get an inkling.

Jei said...

Christine...that is BEAUTIFUL!

Heather Plett said...

You go girl! I just took up yoga this year and I love it!

You might enjoy this video I created at the beginning of the year - my word for the year is fearless... http://fumblingforwords.blogspot.com/2009/01/fearless.html

svasti said...

I've come to believe that unless we are doing something that excites and somewhat terrifies us, then whatever we're planning aint worth doing!!

Of course, when I say that, I'm talking about learning, as opposed to buying the groceries or hanging out with loved ones. Or do I mean those too? I'm not sure. I'll get back to you! ;)

Seriously, I'm glad you have this in your near future. Whatever you learn, you bring back to share with those in your life.

So its not at all a selfish thing you're doing - its service oriented.

As for me, I'm halfway through my 12 month training course. And it is thrilling, even if I still have trouble seeing myself as the one at the front leading the class!

So, there's still plenty of transitioning to do yet... and then there's deciding what else to do with myself.

According to those I share DNA with, I should be 'saving hard for the next couple of years to recover from being out of work'.

Whereas I'm thinking... can I just sell everything and go travelling for a while? Back to Thailand, to India, Spain, back to the US and anywhere else that tickles my fancy. Teehee! ;)

City Girl said...

Yay on the training!!!

Be sure to stop by my blog for a blog award :)

Grace said...

Holy Crap! I started to write my next blog post this morning about yoga dance fusion and teaching! It's not posted yet--needs some major editing. This is freaking me out. We must be on the same wave-length:)

Grace said...

I have 2 questions about Kripalu Yoga Dance training.

1. Do you need to be a certified yoga teacher first? I don't think you are so I'm guessing no, but it's something I wasn't clear on from their website

2. Do you have to take both trainings Part 1 and 2 before you're allowed to teach it?

karmacoy said...

Yay!! That sounds super exciting!

I am going to fly into a 100 day challenge of guitar practice starting July 1st.... and then I am booking myself to play some open mic nights in October, when I will have completed my 100 days. I am soooo excited about this!

Kavindra said...

Congratulations on this big leap forward. The universe put that class right in your hand when you opened it up to your dance partner.

Christine Claire Reed said...

Oh, Emma, let us know when you figure out the Emma-specific thing. And do you know about care taking? The woman I interviewed from Beyond Therapy is living on a big farm as a care taker.

Rebecca -- Relinquishing the illusion of control certainly sounds WILD to me! :)

Heather -- Great, GREAT video!

Oh, Svasti -- you GO! You follow those deep yearnings!

Karmacoy, YES! Scheduling open mic time is so scary and so RIGHT!

Kavindra, Exactly what it feels like.

JFKlaver said...

Just this week I was ask what animal I most resemble. I thought about how I WANT to be WILD, but find myself on the "domesticated" side. I'm opening my mind, thanks to your posting. Let's see if I can find the WILD THING inside of me!

Eco Yogini said...

WOOOO!!! I am sooo excited about this! you AND Grace! so fantastical :)

Congratulations and I cannot wait to hear about your journey :)

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

After 14 years, I've picked up "Women Who Run With The Wolves" again. So much more relevant after 40 for me.

And now your challenge, so beautifully timed for me. I am writing an online course that ties together flowers(I am a floral designer), writing, photography and spirituality. Your post has given me courage to come slightly out of my cloistered revelry and say this outloud. Combining all my great loves into one cohesive offering is how my wild self wants to FLY.

p.s. Yoga and dance? When you offer day classes, I'm coming to Erie. :)

Mandy said...

Life is SO SWEET, after reading Grace's Blog and then coming here...I love yoga and dance, what a wonderful marriage! It makes me feel so good to do both, I am finally getting off of my mat (read, OUT of my comfort zone) and taking it to a new level by adding dance and free form movement. How opening and Liberating! Jiva Mukhti!Liberation while Living!

yoganavida said...

Christine, your blog is great!!!
I'm from Brazil and have been following you everyday.
It's really a bliss!!! Thanks for your effort to make the world better!

zenfreckle said...

That is fantastic! I can't wait to hear all about it.

It took me years of wanting to do a YTT and my wonderful teacher gently pushing before I allowed myself to commit to doing it. I felt like it was such an extravagant thing to do for myself and not at all practical. The happiness it brings is really what it is all about!

Emma said...

Yes, caretaking is exactly what it is! :)

Anonymous said...

I usually watch this blissful space from a distance but I worked with Megha last year when she came over to England and had to leave a message. I've practiced Yoga for 10 years now and of all the people I've worked with Megha was the most generous, open and honest. You will LOVE the Yoga-dance...I promise you!
Selchi x

Connie said...

Christine....Your decision to fly toward your dreams has inspired me incredibly. Since you told me I have not been able to get you and your courage out of my mind. Thank you. I think you sparked something good!!

Peace & Love.

Cindy said...

I'm going back to school for my masters/phd in literature... I can't think of anything that'll make me happier than spending my life learning, growing and passing it along to others. I'm flying high!

Christine Claire Reed said...

Graciel, I am so excited about your project. It gives me butterflies when I read what you've written. So excited to see what it turns in to! (And would be glad to help in any way...)

Mandy, Cool. You are already, naturally, doing what I am going to Kripalu to study. :)

Yoganavida, Welcome and thank you for the kind comment.

Selchi, Thank you for the confirmation of how wonderful this training is going to be!

Cindy, YAY! PHD in Lit! So very cool. Both Marcy and I have MA's in literature and I can't imagine having studied anything else.

Liz said...

You go, wild woman!!