Friday, July 31, 2009

Creative Every Day's August Theme

Today, Leah over at Creative Every Day announced her August theme: Move.

I always find it so interesting how topics will take over segments of the internet. All of a sudden, for instance, about two weeks ago, everyone was writing about food choices.

Well, now, at least for Leah and I, the thinking is all about the moving. Of your body. Of your goals. Of your life. Go check her out. Join in.


differenceayearmakes said...

I noticed that! Syncronicity. Gotta love it.

Actually I have some great calligraphy ideas based on movement I'll be playing with.

Yes, I'm showing up.

lucy said...

i cracked up when i saw leah's theme and almost sent you a note to make sure you didn't miss it. there's no surprise here that you didn't. of my very favorite things and i love how the sound of it just rolls off the tongue and makes me want to MOVE!

Anonymous said...

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