Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reading Stephen Cope: Will the Real You Please Rise?

The causes of affliction contain within themselves the possible vehicles of their own destruction. We can enlist the very tendency to habit and pattern as an aid to end habit and pattern.

--Stephen Cope, Chapter 8, The Wisdom of Yoga

Chapter 7 of this book led us to Thursday's discussion of the various StuckChicks that we over-identify with which leads to our suffering. Friday, we talked about a collage method we could use to get to know these StuckChicks better, which led to my AngerChick collage yesterday.

To listen to these parts of ourselves is to discern what needs we have in this life that are not being met. So within the StuckChicks is the solution to the StuckChicks, as Cope asserts above.

I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy.


Happiness is not something ready made.
It comes from your own actions.

--The Dalai Lama

Working on the assumption that the Dalai Lama is correct -- and I believe that he is -- many of us have the task of figuring out what happiness looks like for us as individuals. This can be a life's work if your beginning foundations are not strong, i.e. if you were abused or neglected.

Added to my belief in what the Dalai Lama says here, I believe that we are all sent to this life with a purpose, with a set of gifts and that it is our primary task to use those gifts or we end up unfulfilled, not self-actualized.

What does this all mean?

For me, it means that our StuckChicks exist because we are not fulfilling our life's purpose or using our gifts to our highest abilities.

Our StuckChicks exist because we have chosen or we continue to choose on a daily basis to feed parts of ourselves that are not our, let's say, "shiniest."

Instead, we, perhaps, are stuck in other people's expectations or we have not awakened to our part in the larger culturally-induced Coma known as the Rat Race.

We have, perhaps, become Cogs in the Machine, and our StuckChicks are really our Spirits screaming for help, yelling to be noticed, asking to be set free.

Our StuckChicks, then, are really our Best Friends.

If anyone is going to Wake You Up, it is these StuckChicks.

I had a HUGE realization about the center image in my AngerChick collage, thanks to a coffee chat with a very good and wise friend on Monday morning.

It took until later in the day for me to put it all together.

As I was putting on my dancing shoes, it hit me who AngerChick actually is.

She is BlissChick, the absolute best part of me, turned against me.

AngerChick shows up when I am not writing enough, dancing enough, singing enough...

When I am getting too angry, too often, it is because I am not Pursuing my Happiness, Expressing Who I was Born to Be.

Though, yes, there is no solid "I" to be found, but rather an ever-evolving and changing and growing small-s self, there is an ultimate, I believe, core essence to who we are.

We are Divinity Experiencing.

We are individual manifestations of the Divine playing.

We are the conduits through which an eternity of possibility comes to be.

When we sit really still, we know this.

But it's when we are doing that we are this.

A Constant Becoming -- that's the Real You.

Can you make your StuckChicks your teachers, your mentors, your guides?

(Text & Photo Copyright: Christine C. Reed, blisschick.net, 2009, Waldameer Amusement Park, Erie)


Linda-Sama said...

you know you can do workshops like this and take it on the road, don't cha?

Heather Plett said...

"Our stuckchicks are our best friends". That's rather brilliant. I need to contemplate that for awhile.

Linnea said...

I agree with Heather, and hope I'll finish Collage #1 today.

YogaforCynics said...

Walt Whitman wrote "Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes" and I've always thought that as good a description of the self as I've ever seen--stuckchicks, angrychicks and all. Now that I think of it, Stephen Cope's a big fan of Whitman, as well, judging by how often he quotes him (and, actually, he kinda mangled the above quote in one of his books...but he got the essence of it, so I'm sure old Walt would be okay with it...).

claire bangasser said...

I like this post very much. Thank you.

Linda-Sama said...

the thing is, sometimes people are uncomfortable with the "real you." I have found that sometimes people fear the authenticity of others.

as one of my friends told me about how some people react to me, "people like to hammer down the tallest nail...."

Jennifer Hugon said...

Wow as always, BlissChick! :)

I am still figuring out who my StuckChick is, but I think she may be part Fear.

svasti said...

Have you read Sweet Mango's recent post on fear? I think it ties in nicely with what you've written here...

Also I was thinking about my own AngerChick the other night. Okay, well I've been thinking about her a lot recently.

There's an interesting teaching in my yoga school around 'fire, water and wind people'. As in, which element is more predominant in your personality. And there's a bunch of stuff to unpack once you've worked this out.

I'm most definitely a fire person. And one of the traits of fire people is their obvious and abundant anger - which must be dealt with on the path of spiritual growth. Similarly, water and wind people, have their own sticking points to deal with.

One thing I've noticed about AngerChick is that once she gets started, its hard to stop her brooding and mulling.

I noticed this as I made dinner last night. As a rule, I like to cook with love, but there I was, chopping and cooking whilst stewing away. Shocked, I made a sudden decision to think of happy things - my guru, time spent in Thailand, my nieces, people I love... and it changed everything.

AngerChick retreated and in her place was a much more enjoyable sense of love and warmth... perhaps... Warm-heartedChick?