Monday, July 27, 2009

Working On Our StuckChicks: First Up -- Anger

On Thursday, I wrote about the concept of StuckChicks, and I followed up with Friday's post on integrating StuckChicks, suggesting that we might start with some intuitive collage work to get to know these parts of ourselves better.

At first, I felt compelled to work on my BabyChick, but it was really AngerChick who wanted to come out and play, and so you see my finished collage at the top of this post.

If we are talking about psychological development, I know perfectly well where my AngerChick comes from, of what she was born.

She, of course, has everything to do with my own insecurities -- as all of these StuckChicks do.

What are those insecurities with AngerChick?

As you can see from the collage, there is a lot of FEAR underlying this Anger, as is usually the case. I am afraid that injustice will go unpunished; I am afraid that those who are most vulnerable will be hurt; I am afraid that the world is just too much, too sad, too far gone, too in need.

Not hard to read between those lines, is it? Imagine the child who developed into this adult. Poor thing.

Now, what I find most interesting about this collage -- and what I find interesting about the intuitive part of work like this -- is the little surprise in the center.

Who is this person trying to get out? Why is she trapped to begin with? Where is she trapped and who put her there? Why is she so anonymous?

This is the stuff of contemplation.

Which is the whole point of the exercise.

Now, again, don't get stuck in my collage or my particular StuckChick. Just use it as an example if you are having a hard time with this work. See if anything about it resonates with you or feels familiar or right...or maybe, totally wrong. For you.

How is your StuckChick work going now that you are looking at those "negative" parts of yourself in a bit of a different light?

How is the collage work going?

Has there been any kind of breakthrough -- or perhaps, like me, just a hint at something you weren't quite expecting?

(Text Copyright Christine C. Reed,, 2009)


Jennifer said...

This is lovely, as I'm finding most of your posts are.

mommymystic said...

Anger has been a big one for me. I'm admittedly not doing the collage (we are moving this week, and lots of things are in boxes) but I love the idea, and thanks for sharing yours. Protection is a big anger link for me, but more self-protection - anger as a defensive response in relation to getting hurt. Or as a response to some perceived 'boundary' getting crossed - I have a lot of 'boundaries' based on the emotional stoicism of my own upbringing. Namaste - Lisa

differenceayearmakes said...

On stuckchick down....