Friday, July 24, 2009

Yoga Mat Special for Blisschick Readers!

So how COOL is this?

I got this email the other day and it was an offer for Blisschick readers from Manduka, a company that sells some rockin' earth friendly yoga mats, bags, and props.

From now til August 1st, all Blisschick readers can get 20% off of any purchase just by using this secret code: HEALTH20.'s just for us. (We're special!)

The item above has caught my eye. A yoga mat made of natural rubber that will not flake! And, as they say on their site:

This natural rubber mat uses a toxic-free softening process and is completely free of foaming agents and plasticizers found in other mats.

YUCK! Who knew there was so much crap on our mats?!

Check out their site and find your, as they say, Soul Mat. (Okay, this geek digs the pun!)


Sara said...

Very cool! I really liked their link to the site about recycling your old yoga mat too!!

Eco Yogini said...

OUUUU!! this is EXACTLY the mat that Andrew wanted to get! YAY :)

zenfreckle said...

So cool! This will be great since my 'eco' friendly mat from Lululemon is beyond flaking and into shredding.