Saturday, August 29, 2009

MusicBliss: Get Your Dance On!

Today's theme is obvious!

Get up and GROOVE! There's something here for everyone!

The smoothest two legged animal ever:

And I Double Dog Dare you not to feel your Sassy Funky Wild Self with this!


Emma said...

I like how it said "Nimbooda means lemon." That was my favorite.

And Christina Aguilera really is a good singer!

Lisa said...

WEEEE!!! What fun!!!

LOVE all of these!

The 2nd made me crave Indian food :-p

I just found my Saturday Night Fever/Bee Gees 45's while cleaning out a closet. Dusted off the old turntable to rev them up!

And, oh, the beauty that was Gene Kelly and others of his era.

I'm also a sucker for the 'big dance numbers' in Broadway Musicals.


Thanks for spreading the good dance energy!! I'll soon be groovin' in the kitchen while doing dishes :-)

Deldino said...

these are great thanks!

Janet said...

Ooohh! dancing again! I danced a couple days ago (& wrote about it!) I can't pick a favorite, i'll have to dance to all of them. :) thank you.