Saturday, August 22, 2009

MusicBliss: Some Recent Loves

Okay. I think that Rob Thomas is a totally amazing singer, but I think he produces a LOT of cheese. Sorry.

But this song is different, more worthy of him:

For something completely different, check this out! Who doesn't want those wings!?

I love her voice (it's always the voices with me, isn't it!?):

And because she is worth discovering over and over and over:


Emma said...

Music! :)

I think you've heard this, but I want to be sure. I love it sooo much:

Deldino said...

Wow - just love that version of "dream a little dream" very cool.

bLu eYd YoGi said...


Stacy said...

mmmm *nodding head* i was hesitant to purchase the cd because of that same reason..cheesey. we are on the same page. Glad you liked it too! I LOVE his voice. Especially the chorus! Deep, powerful. makes me goosepimply

Carmen said...

yes Lila Downs rocks!!!!
La cumbia del mole makes me dance and happy.
Thank you very much for mention her!!!
She is a pure wild woman!