Friday, August 21, 2009

The Number One Reason Why The Secret & The Law of Attraction Will Not Work For You

I was working at the library's reference desk when The Secret got really big. I was putting it on hold left and right. The Book Snob in me automatically avoids anything that becomes this popular with the teeming masses so I decided not to read it or watch the movie version. But I knew what it was about.

I mean, you can't possibly live in this world right now and not know -- it's everywhere. Also, it's made of Pretty Obvious Stuff.

But it's made of obvious stuff distilled down to simplistic. Stick with me. Please. This is important.

I have a million problems with The Secret and the Law of Attraction, but I figured before I wrote about this in a blatant and public way, I better finally hunker down and watch the damn thing.

Which I did.

I was not at all surprised in any way. It was exactly what I had thought it was.

Lately, I've been coming across people writing about how there are people who are becoming more depressed than ever because the Secret -- which makes so many promises -- is not working for them.

It reminds me a little of people being surprised by their heart attack after following the Atkins diet and eating practically nothing but meat and eggs.

It's difficult to be healthy and fit and in shape. It takes Hard Work. The Atkins diet oversimplified that hard work, and oversimplified hard work most often leads to the reverse of the effect you wished for.

The Secret and the Law of Attraction do much the same thing.

There is no secret. All of what you need for enlightenment already exists in thousands of years of deep and thoughtful religious text. These texts have withstood the test of time. And if you are willing to sit with them, and do the work, you, too, will benefit from their wisdom.

There is no secret. The Buddha, Christ, the Hindu sacred texts, Shintoism, Taoism...they and more have said it all. And the main thing they all say is that you have to make your own way. Use me as an example, says the Buddha, says Christ, but walk your own path.

There is not taxi cab to the top of this mountain.

Take, for example, two sacred and deep wisdom traditions that the Secret turns into moosh.

First, "you create your own reality." Many traditions have a form of this, but let's look at Buddhism.

When a Buddhist says this, it's really about right perception. It's not about sitting on the meditation cushion and envisioning yourself in a Ferrari. It's about envisioning yourself as you are and being okay with that.

Being okay with that will bring you deep and abiding peace. This will make your reality line up with...your reality. This is a path to happiness that most people never bother to walk on.

Second, prayer. God is not a giant vending machine. Period. In a world of free will, prayer is a complex concept.

Prayer is not a List to Santa Claus in the Sky. Prayer is meant to bring you in alignment with Love.

And this all brings me to my larger point.

The number one reason why the Secret and the Law of Attraction won't work for you:

In order to know what you "want," you have to,
first and foremost, know who the hell you are.

And I'm sorry, but most of us do not.

When you do not know who you really are, your desires end up coming from all your False and Needy and Unloved and Stuck Chicks.

You want the big car because it will make you feel like a cool kid.

You want the big house because it will show your parents once and for all that you are a good person.

You want the money because you will finally feel power.*

(*I will say this again because not all of you reading this have been here for long: Money and cars and houses are not bad; it is what we are willing to do for them that can be bad.)

And all this time that you are trying to attract these things, your real desires, your real needs are dying from a lack of oxygen.

The need for more peace can't be heard above these ego needs.

The need for more authenticity can't be heard above these ego needs.

Getting past these ego needs is the work of a lifetime and no number of sticky notes on your bathroom mirror will help.

(Photo & Text Copyright: Christine C. Reed,, 2009)


Lisa said...

Wow... another powerful and thought-provoking and beautifully honest post. I had never thought about this in this way before... and while I don't disagree with some of the elements of the law of attraction, I do agree that it's made into something far too simplistic~ I LOVE the comparison to a diet (and the shame and guilt that comes up when one doesn't "succeed" is similar)! We think we can have certain things and do certain things and be certain things by simply believing in them... and while I think there is certainly magic in belief and in faith and in trust, we also need to embrace who we are in this moment, step into our light, so that we can move forward with intention and authentic purpose and honesty. It is hard work, and I don't think there's ever a "there" that we'll reach and look back and say, "yay, we made it! we're enlightened!" Perhaps the enlightenment is in the journey.

Sorry, don't mean to babble on... you just go my noggin going! Always a good thing! :)

Caryl Westmore said...

I hear you - because I felt the same 10 years ago. The "secret" that I discovered that works like a dream is that cleaning and clearing (call it false ego stuff or I say "glitches within") reconnects you to your Source/Soul/Diamond Essence and that is what you are saying. I proved it practically 10 years ago after I discovered the simple teachings of Abraham-Hicks plus tools to first clean and clear the unconscious negativity implanted from childhood. All set down in a 3-step formula in my book "You Can Break-Free Fast" - free chapters at my website. This totally revolutionized my own life, aligned me with my Divine Life Purpose as an intuitive emotional-energy healer with rapid results for countless clients. How to relate this to Michael Jackson's life is also in a free E-book at my website.

Emma said...

I would have said the number #1 reason The Secret/Law of Attraction will not work for you is because it's BS. But I like your take on it, too.

Christine, did you know that The Secret/LoA is one of my major pet peeves? "Pet peeve" is not nearly strong enough. I try to avoid the topic because it drives me so crazy. It's a huge trigger for me when I see people manipulating others, taking advantage of their fears and hopes, for their own profit in the name of spirituality.

I've read excerpts from the book (and they were unbelievably ridiculous, to be blunt) and I watched the start of the movie on YouTube. I have known a bazillion people convinced that their Thoughts Become Things.

You bring up good points here.

Other points include: No, everyone cannot be monetarily rich. This is a very basic economic concept.


As someone with OCD, let's sit down and have a chat about the claim that your thoughts create your physical reality.

But I am restraining myself. Thanks for taking on this topic.

susan preston said...

the secret is total consumerist, ego-based fluff. I'm glad you wrote about it! bravo!

Ivete said...

What a refreshing thing is to find someone with common sense.
Very nice post.

Sydney said...

Having been a student of Science of Mind and other New Thought movements, I too was alarmed when the Secret came out --- it was good in that it was exposing a vast audience to these principles (thank you Oprah) but it was not good because it was dumbed down. It was not about envisioning things like Mercedes Benzes. And they failed to say that this is only one Law that works when using many other laws-- one of those being the Law of your own hard work. (that Law has a more formal sounding name, but it slips my mind as I am still half asleep, lol).

There is nothing wrong with the material, but yes, where we come from in going after it is where the attention needs to be, another version of what you said. YOU'd think this is obvious. But Oprah's exposure didn't quite get this across.

So I don't think the Law of Attraction, in it's proper context, is BS at all. It is a label we've given a concept found in all those sacred texts if you are looking with the right perspective. The Secret was just too simplistic -- and many things need to be to reach the masses. The hope is that it enlightened a few more, started more on the path to discovering the deeper, richer meanings. Let's hope it did. In that regard, it would have been worth it, no?

Lastly, as an aside, those vision boards can also be a tool to crack open the door to who we really are, starting to explore that. But again, it takes a soul who is ripe for mining to stand back from their board once the glue has dried and think... hmmm.... is there more than this? Is THIS what I really need and want? I also hope a few people did that too, and if so, the whole Secret Shcmagoogle wasn't in vain.

Christine Claire Reed said...

A few things:

First, Positive Thinking is always helpful, but mostly because it makes us FEEL better, which makes us act out of more clarity and discernment. Not because it's magical.

Second, legitimate sacred texts are NEVER EVER about GETTING -- ANYTHING. They are ALWAYS about BECOMING. Becoming,specifically, your True Self, which has nothing whatsoever to do with anything material. This is a good way to discern if you are reading a legitimate sacred text, actually.

Third, this thinking that you can attract through thoughts is one of the most offensive things I have ever heard. I wonder how people who live through poverty, genocide, war, abuse...feel about this. I wonder what that seven year old was thinking that made their parent hit them?

You see, you cannot have it one way and not another. You cannot say, well, I wasn't talking about THAT. Nope.

And to say silly things like "you attract debt because you are always thinking about debt?!?!" WHAT? Perhaps you attract debt because you spend money you don't have!?!?

Like Emma, I could go on and on.

The main point being that in this life when you experience any outcome, it is based on your choices and your actions. We must take responsibility for that.

Eco Yogini said...

I love this post. LOVE LOVE LOVE. So glad that someone else feels the same way about 'The Secret'... you were so eloquent and succinct about it. seriously, this is now one of my favourites!

perfectly said. There is no 'secret'. :)

Many Blessings!

Linda-Sama said...

good post, christine! I feel the same way as you!

I never saw The Secret and don't want to see it. The biggest problem I have with it, and other movies and books of its ilk, is that the presumption is that we, all of us, are lacking in abundance, somehow lacking in some way. I also think it buys into "victim mentality" -- "IF ONLY" we did this, we would have that. horse manure.

We will receive grace when we finally realize that we are already swimming in it. It has always been there.

Eco Yogini said...

sorry I just read through the comments after I posted and would like to add- the Law of Attraction, when formulated as a materialistic concept (i.e. anything that is not spiritual) is often present in Wiccan Spirituality, which was one of the reasons why I had to divert my path to a generalist Goddessian- it just didn't sit well with how I view the world and my concept of the Goddess.
All this 'the secret' really reflects a society that is hell bent on placing perfection, 'progress' and wealth on the individual. No wonder- we are constantly bombarded with messages from the media, schooling, families and friends: "if only you work out enough, eat healthy enough, eat the superfoods, wear the right clothes, wear the BEST makeup... THEN you'll be perfect."
The results: 'I am not perfect/successful/wealthy/happy because I didn't work/try/-insert superficial method of perfection- hard enough. And now we are left with never feeling satisfied- always looking outward instead of finding peace inward.

ok- sorry for the ramblings- but this post truly struck a chord with me :)

The Rambling Taoist said...

Following one's own path is simultaneously the easiest AND hardest thing for a person to do. It's easy because it doesn't require us to do anything. It's hard because we don't intuitively understand this simple message and so we construct barriers that block the way.

Ellen said...

Amen sister :-)

It's so true - find out who you are, then accept that, and only then try to move from there - that is the path. It's hard. Trying to shortcut to the end is not going to work.


Jei said...

I'm a firm believer that everything has its place. Yes- many aspects of the secret may be watered down principals, however, different things work for different people. And yes, for some folks simple positive thinking really works. Not everyone has a dark painful side (I do :-) but some people, many people lead not so tragic lives.

For most of us tragedy and or pain are the very things that put us on the seekers path. For other folks spirituality lite, is what they may need. I could not get through that book so bravo to you! But I know people who used it to open themselves up to new worlds...

Everything in its place for everybody, so many pathways.

christagirl said...

Amen! I have always felt frustrated with "spiritual" people who take no responsibility for their actions and just chuck everything up to "The Law". Living a life of authenticity takes presence. Presence is hard work, there is nothing simple about it in this society where we are constantly bombarded by materialistic and egotistic lifestyles. All the messages in this life add layers and layers on top of who we are. It takes work to peal away these layers and live our life from our truth.
I hope that those that are drawn to The Secret, maybe hearing that message for the first time,can recognize their inner voice and spirit and continue to seek and be open to travel further down their path.

Terra said...
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David said...

Namaste', wise, brave, truthful woman!

Let me add another flaw in The Secret, the Law of Attraction, and many other false "laws": they include only half of the one truly universal law:

"Karma is the reason Chaos rules instead of Law. Karma is often misinterpreted to mean, 'What you put out comes back to you… what goes around, comes around.' ... It is an incomplete definition of karma, and a dangerous one.

"If you only Love unconditionally, all the time, only Love will come back to you, says the incomplete definition of karma. But that is not what anyone experiences, ever. Jesus loved unconditionally all the time, and look what happened to Him in return. Every being has experienced, countless times, a reaction from the Universe that was exactly the opposite of what he or she gave to the Universe. Believing the incomplete definition of karma produces constant suffering.

"If you get hatred from the Universe, then you must be putting out hatred 'subconsciously,' one can only infer. So you go scouring your soul for hatred to expunge. But it isn’t to be found. So you keep trying, thinking yourself imperfect and blind and ignorant and unskillful. Hatred must be in there someplace or your karma would be different! It’s your fault you can’t find and expunge it; your failure. But this is not so!

"Here is the complete definition of karma:"

Abbey of the Arts said...

Yes, yes, yes dear soul sister. I couldn't agree more. Thanks for articulating this here and for your thoughtful wisdom.

Deldino said...

Finally someone bravely speaking out against the fast food that "The Secret" is - people are so hungry for instant gratification, be it weight loss or spiritual enlightenment. I am so tired of hearing about it - I would rather do the work and get their slow and steady. The Secret actually makes me feel guilty because on the flip side they make it seem like any bad things that may have happened in your life where caused by you and your negative thoughts, that is enough to drive anyone crazy!! I don;t believe an abused child asked for the absuse I just don't....

differenceayearmakes said...

Ever read any of the genie in the lamp stories? As the winner of the three wishes begins to wish for what they think they want only to then learn the dark side of what they asked for and then realized that maybe this isn't what they wanted after all? Good lesson in those stories. If you think about it getting everything you think you want is a really good horror story - very scary. brrrr

Anyway that old saying "You better be darn careful what you wish for" is a bit of wisdom. Really willing to accept the sacrifices it might require? Even know what those might be? hmmm?

I have a friend who prays in the form of "for the higher good", acknowledging what she doesn't know. She's always praying that for me rather then for what I say I want :). I think of that as rather like "Thy will be done" (in which case it is also necessary to ask 'and oh please give me the strength to deal with whatever that is'). I will admit to praying fervently for Tinman though.

I have learned in life that sometimes not getting what I think I want, when something perceived at the time as bad happens - that very often in hindsight I discover that there was a blessing in disguise I didn't, and honestly couldn't, see.

I rather think some of the best prayers/wishes are Gratitude, oh and a little clarity would certainly help.

Great post!

lucy said...

love this post! i also admire your integrity for hunkering down and watching the movie. i have continued to hold my aversion and cast stones without watching "the secret", just feeling in my gut that it is not the path for me :-)

my favorite line in the post:

"There is not taxi cab to the top of this mountain."

(and if there is, the fare is going to be really really costly 'cuz it's a long windy and often uphill journey!!!)

Brooks Hall said...

Right on, BlissChick! Well done. Well articulated. True. 'The Secret' is oversimplified info taken from wisdom sources, and can be harmful over time if taken for the WHOLE STORY, because it's not. The only place that has that depth of truth is inside each individual person. Know thyself to know this, and indeed(!), it looks like the work of a lifetime.

Emma said...

I want to share a little more. If you are still on the fence about this movement or feel it’s true and helpful, just not deep…

Let’s talk about some specifics. The following are actual (no, seriously!) quotes from “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

“You cannot ‘catch’ anything unless you think you can, and thinking you can is inviting it to you, with your thought. You are also inviting illness if you are listening to people talking about their illness….You don’t have to fight to get rid of a disease. Just the simple process of letting go of negative thoughts will allow your natural state of health to emerge within you.”

(If you need to read any other sentence from this book to get what’s going on here…continue.)

"Nothing is limited -- not resources or anything else. It is only limited in the human mind."

"The only reason any person does not have enough money is because they are blocking money from coming to them with their thoughts."

"Everything that is coming into your life you are attracting into your life."

"Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and Jesus were not only prosperity teachers, but also millionaires themselves, with more affluent lifestyles than many present-day millionaires could conceive of."


Christine, I’d like to BOLD what you said here: “Positive Thinking is always helpful, but mostly because it makes us FEEL better, which makes us act out of more clarity and discernment. Not because it's magical.”

So well put!

I’ve spoken out about The Secret/LoA in a few different places and people have shared heart-breaking stories with me. Two examples, told very briefly:

--A woman told me about how she and her husband were devastated by their miscarriage, trying to understand what thoughts they’d had that had created this reality.

--A woman who had an abusive father as a child. She hated his abuse (of course) and sometimes even wished he would die. When he did die during her teen years, she blamed herself for years. In her mind, her thoughts had created the reality of him dying.

These types of stories are extremely common. Even if a person buys into LoA and never, ever has something hurtful happen in their lives(??)…what is their view of the rest of the world? Even if it never seems to harm that person (which probably is not possible), it MUST harm their view of the world and their relationships with other humans, animals, and the very planet (no resources are limited, remember!).

I find “The Secret” grossly offensive. Excuse me while I go think it out of existence… Oh wait...

Christine Claire Reed said...

Emma -- thanks for that cluster of quotes. My God, when Marcy and I were watching this movie, quotes like that made us just BARK our laughter, but then it got so much more serious and not laughable at all.

You can CATCH illness by listening to people talk about illness!?!? Where do they get this!?

What about compassion and caring for the ill!?!?!

There aren't enough "!?!?!?!!?" in the world to cover my feelings about this.

Some people see this as an entry point for people to find their way to other, deeper spirituality, but I find that hard to believe. IF that happens, it has to be a very rare person who can lift themselves from this mud pit.

Emma said...

"There aren't enough "!?!?!?!!?" in the world to cover my feelings about this."

Haha! I feel that way about so many things! :)

Jaliya said...

Christine, this is a breath of fresh air. I recall having some coworkers and acquaintances try to shove The Secret down my throat (one person practically chased me around our office with the damn book) ... To my eye, The Secret is another quick-fix item for folks whose mantra is I WANT I WANT I WANT!

Yes ... the true wisdom traditions are about becoming, as you write ... becoming and being in right relation ...

I remember consulting with a "New-Age healer" about 22 years ago; in her waiting/living room sat a hanger-on, slouched against a wall, looking verrry stoned. He asked me what I was there about, and I told him that I was ill and trying to make sense of the experience ... His response? ... "It's all in your head." I wanted to whack him! Needless to say, I didn't go back ...

The belief that "You create your own reality" is one-sided and ascribes far too much (or far too little, if "victim" is one's primary way of perceiving things) power to human volition ... The truth is we co-create our reality with everything and everyone else. At another "New Age" marathon I attended in 1985, one of the facilitators suggested that people who are abused as children bring the abuse on themselves to pay off a previous lifetime's karmic debt, or some such bullshit ...

What "The Secret" fans forget (or choose to not acknowledge) is that like everything in existence, attraction has its polarity: repulsion. There's a huge continuum of complements between those opposites ...

"Positive thinking" can be relentless and cruel if it's not balanced with a realistic, holstic perspective that also acknowledges complements, contradictions, and opposites ...

Linnea said...

Between holding my head still so it doesn't spin off my body (a condition I'm quite sure I didn't "attract"), I've been thinking about this.

To me, "The Secret" is the New Age flipside of hard-core, mean-spirited fundamentalists of any religious stripe who say "It was God's will" or "(XYZ) happened to you because you aren't right with God." In fact, "The Purpose-Driven Life" discusses this and makes me so angry I want to throw that book out of a closed window just so I can hear the glass shatter.

(OK. Living in the Bible-Belt south, surrounded by preachy peers and loved ones, I'm a little sensitive. As the mother of a son who was nine weeks premature and nearly died three times before his due date, I'm a little sensitive. As someone who has suffered from anxiety/panic since she was 15 years old, I'm a little sensitive.)

But you're right: when Jesus said, "Seek and ye shall find; knock, and the door will open," he wasn't talking about a new Ferrari or a Cartier watch. He was talking about LOVE -- the deepest, most nonrestrictive, abiding kind of love, the same love the Buddha encourages us to practice through Right Action.

As you said, money and material objects aren't bad. It's what we'll become to get them. Something else they are, every which one -- things we're unable to take with us when we put on our "sparkle suits," to coin your term.

Hope this isn't too unwieldy.

Jaliya said...

Two great books that I would recommend as antidotes to The Secret:

Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality, by Anthony de Mello

Everyday Miracles: The Inner Art of Manifestation, by David Spangler. A quote:

"We cannot embrace a philosophy of limitlessness that has no sense of enough or of the boundaries that make distinctness and thus the power of focus possible.

"Manifestation is the practice of a creative spirit, not of indulging unlimited desire. It is the practice of being a source, not a sponge." (p. 92)

Heather Plett said...

You just keep getting better and better, girl!

I haven't read those books either, but I certainly have opinions about them too. (Plus others like "Prayer of Jabez"). What bothers me the most is that I have seen the destructive forces of books like these in Africa, where people cling to ideas/teachings like these that come from North America and they think "if only we can follow what North Americans are following, we can be rich and successful like them". Meanwhile, they're giving up their culture, their values, and the oodles and oodles of stuff THEY can teach US about community, about contentment, and about love.

I sat through a church service where the African lay minister (who lived in poverty) was preaching the prosperity gospel he'd heard from western missionaries and he said "if only we will be faithful, we will have nice houses, nice families, and we won't get sick from AIDS". I nearly vomited I was feeling SO sick with sadness.

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

"There is not taxi cab to the top of this mountain."

Love it! There is no shortcut to life ... people gotta start realizing that life is a journey, not a destination. And all the money in the world, or all the fancy cars will be the complete panacea. In the end, its about the reason's that people need or want to accumulate ... they think it makes them superior.

But, hey, know what? In the end, everyone's shit stinks ... no matter what their bank balance.

Someone lent me the movie. I began watching it ... after about 2 minutes I stopped it. BS ... smoke and mirrors. And like I've said before ~ I ain't eating any Bullshit sandwiches.

Susan said...

omg - thank you for putting this out there. I have started a number of similar posts but never finished because I get so darn fried that this stuff is out there - another version of "name it and claim it". A relative is trying to use this to get a new very expensive convertable - the flip side is that she finally got a job and just might do it but - it does irk me that the masses are like lemmings when it comes to anything external that might be that "quick fix" for them.

Amber said...


Jennifer said...

Part of me wants to say I just love you. Part of me wants to say I don't like you at all because this is like one of those times. One of those times when you go to your best friend seeking advice, only you are really seeking what you want to hear,and -because she is your best friend after all- she does not tell you what you want to hear. She tells you the truth. And sometimes that is really difficult.

Absolutely, wonderfully honest.

YogaforCynics said...

Your comment about being people becoming depressed because of the Secret really struck a chord with me. I answered a personal from a woman a few years ago. The reply I got from her was strange: she seemed happy to meet me, but had already decided she was no longer interested in finding a relationship since, she said, the fact that she'd had her personal up for three months and hadn't found the right person showed that she didn't really want it. Asked for clarification, she said that everybody gets what they want, so if she doesn't have something it's because she doesn't really want it. I asked what about people suffering from horrible abuses and diseases and atrocities...she said that obviously they wanted those things to happen to them. I was mystified (and horrified) by that, but, as we had some other interests in common, met up with her a number of times over the next few months, though it turned out that she was severely depressed a lot of the time. Apparently, she thought her version of "positive thinking"--the "you get what you want" idea--was a remedy for her depression. It seemed pretty clear to me that it was a contributing factor--as every setback, ever tragedy, everything that went wrong in her life, according to her viewpoint, happened because on some level she WANTED it...hard to imagine a more effective blueprint for misery...

Stefanie said...

This post is full of exquisite little gems:

"God is not a giant vending machine."

I love that line and am sure I will be quoting it soon (giving you proper credit of course). I've always preferred to believe that the Divine has more important issues to deal with than determining the outcome of a high school football game.

Unfortunately, I think some of the issues you have with The Secret are some of the same issues I have with many religious institutions. They target people who are desperate and promise them whatever they want as long as they do this, that, or the other. Follow these steps, and the universe will be yours. Tithe (even though you can't pay your rent this month) and you will be rich. Pray this particular prayer, and you will have eternal salvation. Pray for anything and it will be yours, and if you don't get what you prayed for, it is because you didn't have enough faith or you didn't pray the right prayer. Sigh.

Thanks so much for generating such a thoughtful discussion.

Peace and love.

mmaaggnnaa said...

Hi, BlissChick -

I have been looking for the middle ground between what I was taught as a child (evangelical Christianity = salvation through unquestioning obedience) and what I have been hearing as an adult (new thought = salvation through positive thinking).

Neither sits well with me . . I wonder about the innocent children suffering . . how did they get the raw end of the deal? They aren't old enough to not be obedient or to not think positively . . .

Anyway, I'm still working through all this and I found your thoughts to be very helpful. Thank you!

- Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

Anonymous said...

Ok, this comment will not be popular but you lost me at hello. I am fascinated by everybody's take here on 'the Secret'. I thought they were simply saying that the general idea of where your focus lies is what manifests in your life is not broadly taught to people in general. Mostly people finally come to this realisation after many many years of searching but wouldn't it be helpful to know this sooner? I guess we all look at things through our own filters but I, for one, am not going to be joining this love fest sorry. I only take advice from people who are living how I aspire to live (and that doesn't involve Ferrari's in case you are wondering). Actually I recant that part. What is so evil about a Ferrari? It is something that someone had a dream about and a lot of people work on passionately because of a mutual love of good design. Is it more 'noble' to only want a Toyota? Why? Who decides on the cutoff of what is acceptable consumerism? Ah, this whole line of thinking drives me batty. Let the controversy begin....

Kim said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying this in a public forum!! I could not agree with you more. I used to just chuckle at it but then I watched a friend torture herself over the very real tragic events in her life, staying stuck in the "how did I attrack this" place instead of moving on to the actual deep healing that needed to happen.

You have put this so succinctly & eloquently I'm just going to direct people to your post next time the subject comes up.

svasti said...

Something my teacher has said about 'The Secret' is that its very selfish and 'me-focused'.

Which, y'know, is the opposite path to tread if you're aiming for enlightenment.

I don't think my teacher said it first but he says it often: 'You can't get enlightened all on your own'.

Awakening/enlightenment is about really seeing that your little skin, pus and blood bag is not the limit of who you are, and that all things - not just people, but all things are part of the whole.

Also, as you've said, it doesn't work because its a misuse and the wrong view of those thousands of years old teachings.

While there's truth to 'you are what you eat/think', that doesn't mean if I keep thinking of a million dollars in my bank account, that I'll be rich.

It is more around the self-limiting ideas and actions we perform, or don't perform. These are the things that shape us. And these are the things we have control over.

Artist Jennifer Swiderski said...

Christine! Thank you, and i am SO GLAD you wrote this! AMEN, sista! is what I have to say. especially if any of us uses twitter, You can see just how much of this is out there, It gets really old, and irritates me. Everyone's some kind of coach, or guru for over-simplistic mentally spoon fed versions of wisdom. everyone wants, but no one wants to work. just take the pill. here's the latest. It makes me want to scream.Take responsibility, people!
anyway, thank you dear one, for writing this. I too have the same problem with all of this. It's about time someone wrote about it!
love and hugs,

Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, I'm SO glad you linked to this. I felt the same exact way as I worked the desk in the library, putting the book and movie on hold left and right, talking to starry eyed people who wanted me to READ it, live it, talk about it with them.
I could never have put this into words like you have. I love you for writing this out.
Because I too finally read/watched it. And I just felt confused.

I'm still a bit confused.
You helped me sort it out.
Thank you.

Ellie Di said...

HA! Thanks for re-sharing this. The idea has been cropping up a lot this month, and I wrote about it just recently, too. Good to know I'm not just an a-hole and that other people are on the same wavelength!