Sunday, September 20, 2009

MysticBliss: Wild Woman...

On Sundays, recently, I have been posting a MysticBliss that is all about the Wild Woman archetype.

That archetype is a model for the rest of us and how we can be our free, creative, wonderfully eccentric, healthy, happy, and beautiful selves.

The Wild Woman can be a singer or a religious or a yogini or a character even from a book.

But she must exemplify the qualities that are here in our Wild Woman manifesto.

This week, I am asking for your help.

When you think of this passionate and playful Wild Woman, who comes to mind?

Come one...share a whole list and in the coming months, I will be highlighting these women.


todayandeveryday said...

My favorite Wild Woman is Georgia O'Keefe. To express herself on such large pieces of canvas and to steer her life in the direction of her art in an age when women where suppose to be leading quite lives at the side of a man. . . well, that seems Wild to me!

Karen D said...

A Wild Woman to me would be someone who walks their talk and lives their life from an authentic place. Someone not afraid to stand in their truth. She can dance barefoot on the beach dancing to her own internal song without a care who is watching.

BunnyKissd said...

Leonie Allan, Gala Darling, Madonna, and old co-worker of mine named Baiba...

Terra said...

Ana Forrest! A friend of mine is a Forrest yoga teacher and having been up close and personal with Ana- she always refers to her as a modern day Kali (in tie-dye!) :)

The friend I'm referring to would qualify too- I'd nominate her in a second.

Ooh- also Gabrielle Roth! And I second the nomination for Georgia O'Keefe! SARK is also a Wild Woman.

Linda-Sama said...
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Linda-Sama said...


because I have reinvented myself twice since the age of 45. because I went to India alone at the age of 51 when I had never been overseas in my life, and because I return to my soul's home every year.

because I am a survivor and at my luscious, ripe age of 55, I believe the best is yet to come.

Keely H. said...

-Havi Brooks, yoga teacher and destuckification expert.

-Ani Difranco, feminist folk singer, "I'll never try to give my life meaning by demeaning you and I would like to state for the record I did everything that I could do."

-I've always liked Amelia Earhart, but she's an aviator, not an artist. Could her flying have been her ephemeral art?

Christine Claire Reed said...

A Wild Woman, yes, is someone who lives her truth. Again, check out the manifesto I linked to: all is explained there.

And there is no limitation to Wild Woman. I mention Mother Theresa and Seane Corn, for example, women who are not "artists" except for the fact that their lives are their art.

So Amelia is an EXCELLENT addition.

Barbara O'Neal said...

What a wonderful topic! Linda-Sama, that was a wonderful post.

Some of my wild women are:
--Mother Teresa
--KD Lang
--My Nia teacher, Loretta Milo
--Elizabeth Gilbert, the writer
--Elena Alvarez, he main character in one of my recent novels,The Lost Recipe for Happiness, because she doesn't stay stuck, but figures out how to move on after disasters.
--My friend Heather

Linnea said...

Katharine Hepburn is my archetypal Wild Woman. She was a woman who wore pants when it wasn't the "done" thing; freely admitted she did not want children in a time when that was considered scandalous; a woman whose compass was set to her True North and always had the courage to follow it, the masses be damned. She was also one of the greatest acting talents the world has ever known, and likely will ever know.

Anonymous said...

FRIDA Kahlo, Isabel Allende!

Anonymous said...

For me, it's Anais Nin. I've been losing myself in her unexpurgated diaries and her insights into love and life are so beautiful, I copy them into my journal. She's inspired me to write, to expand my ideas of self, love, creativity and possibility, and to accept myself in all my eccentricity, in all my beauty.

- Jessica

Holly said...

What an excellent idea - for all of us to post about our favourite wild women! Its about time we had idols and role models to look up to instead of all these celebrities!!

1. You, christine! You are a wild woman!!
3. Sabrina ward harrison (art journals. author of 4 books)
4. Goddess Leonie
5. Nina Bagley (Ornamental Blog)
6. Kate Magic (raw foodist for 16 years)
7. anais nin
8. sia furler (ballad song writer and singer)

And all those wild, eccentric women with tangled hair and mermaid clothes.... i LOVE U!! and thankyou for inspiring me! xx

Lisa said...


Some neat comments and suggestions here. :-)

The first one that came to my mind is:
Bette Midler.

I'm still pondering others...