Saturday, October 31, 2009

MusicBliss: Love, Love, Love

This man and his music is so Totally Cool that I am linking to this song even though the embedding was disabled and that annoys the heck out of me.

(Hello? Music Industry? The video is already free to watch on YouTube...ever heard of the power of blogging and social media to spread your product.) Excuse the rant.

And I've posted this before, but this Erie boy has so much soul. I could listen to him sing this every day. He needs to do more R & B.

(Besides the title seems appropriate for Halloween!)


Linnea said...

I have the world's biggest crush on Lenny, and have ever since he burst onto the scene with "Let Love Rule" back in the '80s. I was dancing all over the office -- thanks for contributing to the endorphin rush!

Sallie Ann said...

Love this! Lenny's the only guy I'd fight my best friend over. Happy Halloween!

Elise said...

Happy Halloween to you !

Stacy Hurt said...

Love,Love,Love the pop art vid!!! Way cool to watch! And I had no idea that P Monahan was the lead singer of one of my fave bands Train. I don't pay attention to names obviously, only the music. The "Superstition" cover is very nice and I still LOVE Stevie Wonder.