Saturday, October 17, 2009

MusicBliss: Pink Martini's Diversity

Pink Martini is a big band/jazz ensemble out of Portland, which describes itself as a group of Music Archaeologists. (OH! And they have a new CD coming out this month!)

They do pieces from all over the world and they are consummate musicians. Amazing, really. Marcy and I have had the privilege of seeing them live -- twice.

To show their diversity, first:

And second:


Maggie May said...

thanks for the introduction!

Kassie Meeks said...

I love this! Thanks for writing about them, Christine! Amazing! I never knew about them, but I'm going to look for more now!

svasti said...

Gorgeous stuff! A friend of mine has been playing the role of my personal music recommender for the last month and its great to learn about new music.
I can imagine these guys are even more fantastic live!

Jennifer Hugon said...

Love them! They are going to be playing with the Cleveland Orchestra in March and I'm dying to go!