Sunday, October 4, 2009

MysticBliss: Wild Woman Isabel Allende

This is one of the absolute best TED talks I have ever watched...and re-watched.

It is emotionally powerful, inspiring, and freaking funny all at the same time.

Isabel Allende is a true Wild Woman, a real spit fire.

I have loved her since I heard of her writing ritual: lighting candles and waiting for the Spirits to talk to her.

Go here and be filled with her energy and passion.

(Pottery from here.)


Sydney said...

My best GF from NYC long ago dated the son of the founder of the TED convention -- or at least one of the top few. That is how I heard of it, and that it was pretty exclusive to get into. Thanks to YouTube we all can take part.

How is Kriplau. I tweeted you that I've been many times, a few by myself. I bet you will want to make a tradition of it! Are you doing a general R&R or taking a specific class there? I bet you said it and I need to read back a bit.

Jan said...

Christine, thank you for this great lead. My husband and love TED. Did you see the one with the author of My Stroke of Genius, Jill Bolte Taylor? Amazing!

Also, a personal invite to stop by the women's circle I've launched at and put your name into the circle. I wonder what name you would choose for yourself...

Teresa said...

I love Isabelle Allende--she has an amazing history, poetic prose, and a passionate fury that comes out in her every written word. Thanks for giving her a moment of highlight. Not enough people know her great works and vibrant self :)!