Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Song that Changed Everything

(I am writing this from one of the ickiest places on the planet -- NYC's Port Authority -- so if there are any errors of any kind, please recall my hellish circumstances. I am experiencing a harsh transition from my week.)

So many things happened at Kripalu this past week, but the song I have here for you was integral to the biggest, most transformative, magical moment of all.

We each got to spontaneously create and perform a Dance Prayer, not knowing what music we get.

Well, there was something Divine at work here, because I could not have gotten a better, more powerful, more evocative song if I had spend months looking for it for myself.

And I adore Sinead O'Connor...but had never heard this particular song.

I still am unable to describe what happened and I may never be able to, but take a listen.


svasti said...

I love Sinead too, but have never heard of this song either. Its lovely. Brought tears to my eyes.

And I can only imagine how, after a week of dancing and learning and immersing yourself in what you were doing, this song would have been an incredible trigger.

Any chance there were any videos taken of you dancing??

Hang in there with the re-integration. I find its always a little bumpy and hanging in icky places doesn't ever really help.

But you'll be home soon enough!

Kelly Salasin said...

Sadly, I live in a dial up region so I can't hear your song, but I can relate. When it came time for me to offer my spontaneous dance prayer at Kripalu, it was my beloved James Taylor--and a song I had never heard before. Blessings as you begin practice teaching with all the inspiration you've received. I'm a lifelong educator and I was blown away at how craftily we are prepared to share KYD.

Lisa said...

Oh, my.

How *incredibly*powerful*!

I was rocked to tears by this one!

And YES, YES, YES....the PERFECT song for you! Wow!

I hope your re-entry home goes smoothly. (Wish I could be a fly on the wall as you share stories and hugs with Marcy and the furries.) :-)

Rest well, dear friend.

JFKlaver said...

This is beautiful. I've never heard the song, but can relate. It was November 15, 1989 when I met my dance partner within and learned to listen to Self. In an instant, my life changed. Namasté.

Linnea said...


My cat jumped in my lap and we proceeded to love all over each other. My son came and put his arms around my shoulders and said, "I love you, Mom." That song carries some powerful magic. I can only begin to imagine how it must have been to dance it as a prayer.


lucy said...

i had goosebumps before i even started listening to the song. the circle of inspiration and healing widens and broadens with each breath and word. peace to you as you settle into home and all this week has been.

chris zydel said...

I LOVE that song of Sinead's ( as well as the album it is on called Universal Mother)! I have been playing it in my workshops for years and it is always brings everyone to tears!

I'm glad that it found you and that you were able to dance with it. What an amazing synchronistic blessing.

While the cat's away said...

What an absolutely lovely song. Thank you for sharing. I am sure your dance was as beautiful as the song.

Sallie Ann said...

Isn't it strange and lovely when things come together exactly or even better than you could imagine? Life is exciting. Hold onto that peace as you make your way in the world.

cream_city_chick-A-DEE said...

Christine -

I haven't heard anything by Sinead in so long, but that song was absolutely breath-taking! One of the comments thankfully gave the name of the album it's on, so it made it easy for me to find it & order it right away. Thanks for sharing that song & performance with all of us. I hope that your week was wonderful for you & that your reunion with Marcy & "the kids" will be joyous!

Linda-Sama said...

love the song, used to dance to it in NIA