Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Body Gratitude

I am Grateful for this Body.

For someone who has suffered from all sorts of disordered eating and body image issues, that, my Friendly Chicks, is a huge and important sentence.

Because guess what? I actually mean it!

I am Grateful for this Body as she rediscovers her Love of Dance, as she takes me on this Adventure of a Lifetime, as she learns to use her Wings.

I am Grateful for this Body as she lifts bigger weights for more repetitions, as she shakes and sweats and grunts and Just Does It!

I am Grateful for this Body as she stands in releve and does not falter or does falter and then calmly re-finds her center.

I am Grateful for this Body as she moves and grooves and shakes and wiggles and turns and twirls and lifts and lands and Shows. Her. Stuff.

I am Grateful for this Body as she breathes deeply and feels the rhythms and sees the sounds recreated in her physical movements.

I am Grateful for this Body as she stretches beyond her Wildest Dreams.

I am Grateful for this Body as she Glows and Shines and Sparkles and Beholds her own Beauty.

I am Grateful for this Body.

I thank Saint Cecilia and Goddesses Terpsichore and Hathor and Brighid and Saraswati.

I thank the Wind and the Water.

I thank the Desire residing in my very blood and being.

I thank the Universe and the Dance that is embedded in the stuff of life.


Elise said...

good for you !

Linnea said...

Great post. In the vein of synchronicity, I was thinking about writing one about my own body, which always stays curvy no matter how many reps I do, no matter how much I cardio-dance, no matter how many times I yoga it out.

It suddenly occurred to me: why have I been trying to decurve my body all of these years?

Since you did it first, I shall link to your post in mine. :-)

Emma said...

Wow! Wonderful!

jelly said...

Thank you for posting this.
I needed to read it and sit and think on it.

Good for you.

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

Way To Go Christine!!!

differenceayearmakes said...

Wonderful !

Carmen said...

Great post!

claire bangasser said...

Fabulous! I feel this way too for the way it can walk long distances and climb mountains.
I need to find a way to show her my love though. And this gets more complicated.

lisa said...

Fabulous photo!

Inspiring words!

Hooray for you!

holly said...

christine, this is beautiful. i really loved this. i love reading positive stuff as it makes me feel uplifted and inspired!! well done, that position is awesome!! xx

mrsduncanmahogany said...

Beautiful post!


Jan said...

Christine, you are a stunning example of how a woman who has suffered much can make peace with her body, like her body, even learn to love it. To allow it to take her deeper into the sacred. I cannot say enough how proud of you I am. I hope more women will follow your example and put an end to their suffering by loving what is here. Like Linnea says, let's embrace what we have instead of fighting. Curves, by the way, are maaahvelous, darlin.' xo

JFKlaver said...

You are so strong, yet flexible. Congratulations--you've made great strides on your life-long journey.

Ryhen said...

Hi Christine! Some fantastic affirmations you have here. It is indeed essential to utter a few statements to oneself from time to time to get the state of mind in check. Most scientists today agree that what happens to the human body is not only caused by the genetic imprints that we have in our cells but, generally, the way we perceive physical reality. Most people let their environment affect the way they look at the world and themselves. If all of us can control our minds to think the other way around while cultivating harmonious thoughts, living a healthy life will just be like eating a piece of cake... minus the calories, of course. Anyway, I love your post. Keep up the good work. Peace and respect. Ryhen

svasti said...

Amen, sister!

Anonymous said...

Super statements! Also you look so graceful and in perfect form in the pose.


lilylotus said...


I looked at this Down Dog for a while before reading your words, something about it just fascinated me...

Your words and your pose are radiant - you really let your Self shine. Beautiful, I'm so happy for you!

cypress sun said...

Yes! Can you make this required reading material for all 14 year old girls? :)

Katherine Jenkins said...

Love your blog about BLISS...yes, you are brave and good for you for choosing it. I'm now following you here. Would love if you checked out mine. I married a monk and it's about that! Keep up the yoga, it makes such a difference!