Monday, November 23, 2009

CountDOWN! & Some News

Oh, my, it is officially less than two weeks until I travel back to Massachusetts for the final week of YogaDance teacher training.

Oh. My.

Even if my brain did not know this, my body would. As you all know by know (aren't you sick of hearing this!?), I am a horrible traveler, and I start to get worked up about every single tiny detail approximately two weeks before I have to go somewhere.

It seems like there is just not enough time.

And before you get all Buddhist or Power of Now on me, I know this is actually an illusion. I know that! Could someone tell the nerves in my tummy, please?

In the meantime, did you all notice that there is a freaking holiday this week? Which means company! Which means my schedule gets thrown off! Which means that lack of time feeling gets even bigger!

Besides my own drama, I have some wonderful news that I wanted to share with you.

If you've not read about my writing group, go here where I wrote a description of each of the members. Besides myself and Marcy, there are two other women and one lonely male.

Dr. Captain America, I dubbed him. If you met him and his giant smile and his big guns (meaning BICEPS), you would know why we call him that.

Anyway, he has started a blog!

Please go visit him! He is writing about his life as a father, husband, ER physician, and writer.

Very cool stuff. He's a great storyteller (and thus the name of his site).

Make him feel welcome. I know you can!


StorytellERdoc said...


Thanks for the shout-out! I owe you and Marcy bigtime! And your blog creating skills are priceless! Getting tons of comments about your banner!

Talk soon.

rachel awes said...

love your "about me" description & thanks for sharing your great blog!

Laura Hegfield said...

I stop by your friend's blog today later. And body and mind all one unit, but sometimes communication is not a family...a whole unit and communication sometimes get screwed up! Believe me with MS...this happen to my body/mind normal and you are going to have the best time once you get to Kripalu! My daughter, lucky girl is going there in March for a special high school program Body/Mind/Spirit....I want to go to Kripalu for 18 years, since I start to practice yoga and hear about it...but never have money to kid get there before me!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving...I know, you KNOW...but I remind you anyway...breathe in...breathe out...all is well.


Linda-Sama said...

damn, and I love going all Buddhist on people....;)