Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dancing My Way into Trusting Life

I've mentioned briefly that there are a few ways I have known that dancing is my path, besides the utter joy and complete centeredness that it brings me.

First, I have thought for years about going to a Yoga Teacher Training, but I would always find some lame reason not to. As soon as dancing entered the equation, I signed up and went. There was fear, for sure, but not hesitation.

And second, with this dancing path that I am on, I feel no urgency. I have become happy with the process and abandoned my typical obsession with product.

I am learning to trust and have faith in my inner wisdom and vision.

Big stuff, that.

The other day, I realized -- another of those duh! moments -- that this comes from the practice of dance itself.

When I am dancing, I am totally in the Moment. I am my breath; I am my body; I am my soul. There is no separation. I just Am.

As I dance, there is no logical cognition going on. I am not thinking, "Well, for this beat, I think I should and wait! I have to count, and maybe..."

Nope. No "thinking," except for the thinking that naturally and spontaneously happens between my spirit and my muscles and my senses.

I just move. I breathe and I react. There is no pausing, no wondering, no second guessing.

I do not think about transitions from one move to the next. I just transition.

Ahhhh! Yes. Now I see.

That is life well lived.

Dancing truly is life.

Be in the now. React from your instincts. Be the beauty you love, as Rumi said.

See how the physical body can teach us all we need to know if we just pay attention? The physical body contains the map and the treasure.

What is your body trying to tell you, whether through pain or pleasure?

(Photo & Text Copyright: Christine C. Reed, blisschick.net, 2009)


Rachel said...

Well you've pretty much described how I feel about Yoga here! I've known since I was a kid that yoga was for me and when teacher training came along I just knew when to do it, which one to do. Yoga has probably been the only area in my life I've never questioned!

It helps me when my body is in pain, it helps me when I'm looking for joy. It's just always there, you know?

Funnily enough my partner, who suffers from depression finds physical movement (be that yoga, going running or a workout at the gym) the most healing therepy that there is!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

At long last, I return to your effervescent joy. As you know, I've been away and even upon returning, I am still away. I want to thank you for the delicious, supportive comments you've left and forgive me for not sending an email.

I am just getting back into my body...which has been as tired as the ages with so much mental change going on. So deep sleep is needed and finally, after 1 and 1/2 years, I will resume the practice of yoga. You are the nudge for that, btw. Your enthusiasm for life always touches me, Dear Christine.


Eco Yogini said...

Wow- this is AWESOME. I am envious of your ability to just 'be'. Yoga definitely has moments where I am in the moment and not overanalyzing- but not 100%, not yet.
Perhaps music does this? well, only sometimes. I've never felt 100% this way and this post is truly inspiring. I LOVE your excitement and joy.

it is beautiful to read. :)

Elise said...

Such a great post, exactly describes how it is to dance (and the yoga!)

JFKlaver said...

When I first started doing yoga I was amazed at the turn around from thinking with the mind to being in the body. Listening to the body opened a new world for me, but I still need these nudges to stay aware. Thank you!

Laura Hegfield said...

My body is longing to dance right now in the way it used to...but in the moment breath is my dance...hugging my kids and my husband and my dog...those are my big dance moves...and you know what? For now...that's enough.


Anonymous said...

I have taken inspiration from you and signed up for a belly dance class! Mind you, something the world would say was completely "out of character" for me. Its a dance I have dabbled with before, though very much still a beginner, and which has always appealed to me and felt very "me" to me, even if not to the outside world. I am totally relating to your thoughts on dance and just enjoying getting into the moment with it. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!