Monday, November 2, 2009

The Dancing Queen...of Heaven!

I've mentioned that I'm reading the newest Deepak Chopra book, and yesterday I was reading a section about perception.

Chopra talks about how opening ourselves up to the possibility of synchronicity and messages that we will begin to notice how often these things occur.

He also points out that you can just stay where you are and write this stuff off as coincidence or explain it away with "science." (Again, I put science in quotes, because science, like any system, is a metaphorical language attempting to explain the ultimately unexplainable.)

But staying in that place is cynical. (I am really simplifying here; read the book.)

In the end, like I've said before, I would rather be on the side of the freaks than the cynics. I mean, I would rather see meaning in everything than meaning in nothing.

At the very least, this is way more fun.

This morning, Marcy said to me, "That's what drug trips are often about -- altering perception, opening up your mind to other ways of seeing."

There is no illegal drug tripping going on in this house -- for goodness sake, I can barely take Advil -- but last night, accidentally, there was some of the legal kind.

I have been having a very difficult time getting a good night's sleep. I'm excited and wound up, so it's for good reason, but lack of sleep is still lack of sleep regardless of the Why.

So I caved last night and took a sleep aid. Oh, my...

I don't remember how I got here but...

I have this small, about 2 inch high, glow in the dark Mary on my bedside table. I adore kitsch and I especially adore extreme kitsch of the religious nature.

Marcy had reached over and turned out my lamp because the sleep aid was already kicking in.

I looked over at Mary and she was...dancing!

I sat up, and according to Marcy spent at least 20 minutes watching and talking about Mary dancing, until she finally got me to put the Mary on my pillow. I fell right to sleep.

But the dancing!

Marcy just fed the fantasy, saying things like "Maybe Mary is going to tell you something..."

So I waited. But she was only interested in boogieing.

Today, I felt totally embarrassed. I have never had such an experience.

Marcy pointed out that it wasn't embarrassing and why not, why not, see it as a wee bit more than just a drug induced hallucination?

Why not notice that she was dancing? Why not find some meaning in that?

Why not, indeed?

(Photo & Text Copyright: Christine C. Reed,, 2009)


Melita said...

love this post. i love that you say that "science is a metaphorical language attempting to explain the ultimately unexplainable." i am going to have to tell my boyfriend that one ;) hoping that you get some au natural sleep soon :) hugs!!

Sarah said...

Oh wow, interesting night indeed! I wish there was some kind of natural anti-sleep aid! I am the opposite, waking up is my greatest challenge.

Emma said...

What an experience! What a sleep aid!! =D

It only makes sense to me that your Mary would dance. :)

Now, I want to share another thought. I am trying to carefully find how to put this into words.

For you, seeking and finding messages and symbols in the world around you is spiritually enriching. And not doing that is an emptier, more cynical way to live.

I just want to present the idea that this dichotomy is not the case for everyone. Those are two positions - if you want to call or message-finder? (or "freak" :) and cynic.

But there are other ways of experiencing life, too. Obviously, I am talking about myself as one example. ;) For people like me, observing without seeking an additional message is ALSO fulfilling. Seeing the dancing Mary sounds pretty awesome and to me it's awesome enough as is.

Or seeing a deer eating grass - just watching the way a deer moves, the shape of the ears, etc., etc. Some people see the glory of a creator in this. That kind of thing never occurs to me, but I still love the experience of seeing the deer. It doesn't speak to me of a "higher" anything or give me messages about things going on in my life. It's just a beautiful experience and I think that's more than enough for me.

I'm not criticizing your way of experiencing the world. I just want to share another way that I don't consider "cynical" or lesser at all!

I think this is a little tricky to describe in a comment, so I hope I have made some kind of sense.

P.S. I know sciencey friends of mine would definitely revel in scientific views of the world. They find immense beauty and joy in that way of experiencing life. Obviously, not all sciencey-folks do, but it doesn't seem fair to say science simply "explains away" things. I'm not a very sciency person, so I'm not going to try and present that perspective in detail.

Anonymous said...

actually there is a natural sleep aid. my friends has been taken melatonin 1 hr prior to sleep every night for years and it always makes him tired.

lucy said...

i love this story of your dancing mary! probably should pick up the chopra book as i am always interested in others who experience synchronicities as i do. i certainly don't expect everyone to see things in the same way, but it is a wondrous delight to share with others who see their own dancing marys :-) xoxo

Christine Claire Reed said...

Emma -- Good stuff. Yes, there are as many ways to "see" as there are humans.

Science as a way to explain away -- that's just one way to use science. I know a lot of scientists see science as evidence of larger meaning. But I think people can see science almost too simplistically -- I mean, we HAVE certainly turned it into its own "religion."

But the fact that "scientific explanation" changes so much is evidence to support a...less strict use of it.

We always think we KNOW things, ya know? And then a hundred years from now, they'll be laughing at us. That actually makes me feel GOOD, believe it or not. :)

I am a story teller by nature. I look for meaning in everything. That is just who I am. When I tried not to do that, it made me rather sick. Depression wise, that is.

If seeing the deer as the deer is enough, doesn't in any way degrade your experience of life and actually ADDS to it, then that works for you. God...I hope that just made sense. As you said, hard to talk about in a comment. But you know my intent. :)

Emma said...

Cool. :) I'm glad I could get some of my thoughts out there and hear your thoughts back!

TheChicGeek said...

I agree, dancing Mary is cool! I love how you said, "I would rather see meaning in everything than meaning in nothing."
That's beautiful!
Have a Happy Day!

Tess said...

This is why part of me would love to get hooked on conspiracy theories - it just sounds like more fun!

Dancing Mary probably did have some kind of message for you. Perhaps it was to carry on kicking up your heels and laughing with life.

What kind of dance, by the way?

Christine Claire Reed said...

Tess, Funny. Let's see...there was a lot of hand dancing involved, as she kinda walked toward me.

Yep. Lots of hand movement. Mudra type stuff. :)

faerian said...

well coming across your post was a synchronicity for me... my life has been flooded by Mary Magdalen lately and hearing you talk about another grooving Mary is just perfect for me... i agree about the choice in seeing meaning in everything - it is the way humans have made sense of things for millenia (except for the last 10 years or so when analretentive male dominated science took over
you might find some joy in discovering Elizabeth Cunningham - author of a brilliant series of books about Maeve- a Celtic woman who knew all about signs thankyou for a great post!!

Linnea said...

After my second eye operation I saw a seagull flying about my hospital room and told my mother to get it out, get it out, before it pooped on my bed. (I was twelve at the time.)

I like your dancing Mary better, though!

Sallie Ann said...

I saw someone posted about Melatonin. It works, and though I sometimes take the un-natural kind, I know many who take this and swear by it.

And as someone who spent a good deal of her college days with dancing Mary's, and everything else, it is good to see things through different eyes, but also to really be present with the experience. Everything is temporary and should be matter what state of mind! Great post.