Friday, November 6, 2009

Drumming their Bliss

Last night, Marcy and I went with a friend to our local Brewerie to hear a drum trio from New York City, Raquy and the Cavemen.

From the first hit on the drum, I felt myself being affected. There is nothing like sitting mere feet from powerful drumming. I felt myself being polished, made shiny by the waves of sound. And I was reminded of some things.

The weather here has been gray and I have not been sleeping well. So I've had a couple of my difficult days, yet I push through, continuing to dance and to do what I know is important to me. But still...there has been a weightiness to it all.

The drumming woke me back up.

Watching people do their thing, live their purpose, being witness to this is healing to everyone.

It also reminded me what it looks like when people are working from the top of their game. It reminded me that I am doing the same when I am dancing.

I left there completely inspired and with my own sense of purpose just bursting forth from my heart.

I was renewed and full of ideas and feeling all of my Power.

Today, the sun is out and it is not going away. There are no gray clouds hanging out over the Lake.

Exactly like my insides.

What does this for you? When was the last time you witnessed someone doin' their thing? How did it make you feel?


Lori-Lyn said...

I think this might be divine intervention for me. Raquy and the Cavemen are playing here on Sunday night. I've been trying to decide if I want to go -- I think I just decided.

Christine Claire Reed said...

Lori-Lyn! That just gave me goosebumps!

I was looking at their site last night and noticed Erie was the beginning of a big run for them. I yelled to Marcy, "Oh, they're headed South!"

Who knew they were headed to Lori-Lyn!?!?!

You will LOVE LOVE LOVE!! :) Make Amy go!

Girlie-Queue said...

AHH how awesome you got to go see them. I have heard they put on quite a show. Totally:)this is why I do what I do... When we are in it, we are full on doing what we love. And too why I ever started dancing. That first time I ever heard the drums, well, that was what hooked me. Of course it took me 5 years of drumming before I got the nerve to get up and dance - believe me you can do a lot of dancing while seated!
Hazah for your awesome drum experience~!

Rachel said...

Drumming is so powerful and calls to a very primal part of ourselves that we do not acknowledge anywhere near enough. The charity I work for are currently working on organising a drumming project for local teenagers who are in danger of leaving school with no qualifications or training opportunities - it is to help them gain confidence in their own abilities and learn how to express themselves creatively. Awesome stuff.

Lisa said...

Oh, a local friend of mine loves this group and has shared their name with me. This is the first video I've seen, though. Thanks!

At the recent World Peace Yoga Conference, I witnessed *so*many*people* doing their thing, including myself, that it was miraculously freeing! I felt lighter, had more energy throughout the day, my physical pain went away, my thoughts had more clarity, I smiled a lot...I felt completely 'on purpose' and at one with the Universe.

Also, I would have to say that seeing Joan Baez in concert this past August was the same kind of experience. What a presence to behold! Inspirational, spiritual, her voice like a clear beacon of light...I wept while there and, at one point during the concert, felt my heart soar with an inner knowing and connectedness that I've only experienced a few times before.

Thanks for continuing to share your awesome life experiences with us ~ and challenge us to connect with such life-affirming energy :)

Jennifer said...

Woooo Hoooo!!!

Heck yeah they headed South!
They are in my hometown TONIGHT, and I've got a ticket!!!

I'd never heard of them before I saw this video Sunday, but they had me up and dancing (a rarity...I have fibromyalgia and lupus, and I haven't moved like that in YEARS) and it felt great!
In fact, I still feel pretty good.
So I am looking forward to some serious movement and fun tonight!
Also looking for a "date"...I hate to go places by myself, but I'm going anyway. I figure I was meant to be there, and it's THAT important.