Friday, November 27, 2009

Glitter Gratitude

You probably can't tell, but that is a pink glitter flower ring. It only cost a few dollars, and when I put it on, I am instantly giggling and happy. That is a lot of bang for our buck!

When I first started this blog, like most blogs, it had a completely different focus. Or maybe not. It seemed like it to me.

I wanted to only write about things that were making me happy, but that felt, quickly, like a partial story and the whole story is what gives those giggle moments their full meaning.

When I first started this blog, I wrote a lot about my formula for happiness, which was, and still pretty much is, this:

Happiness = (Geekery + Glitter)2

Today, on this day after Thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks for the glitter in my life, because Shiny, Giggling, and Beauty are all important to our Souls. They are the food of our Spirits.

This is the stuff that comprises the Cherry on top of our Life Cakes. (mmmm...cake...)

The sun coming through this window as I write.

The pink glitter ring on my finger.

The string of Christmas lights that I hung
around the central doorway downstairs.

The candles that we light at night.

The stars in the clear night sky.

The many colored scarves that I wrap
around my neck for warmth and style.

The tiny pink, polka dotted toe-undeez that serve
a purpose but are so cute.

The Keen, black ballet flat shoes that remind me
"I am Dancer" every time I look down at my feet.

The beaded fruit hanging around a mirror in
the living room. (Yes. Beaded fruit.)

The Advent candles on the mantle.

The new attitude I have since I've started dancing -- the way I wake up in the morning excited for my day, complete with glittered butterflies in my tum.

How about you? What is shiny and beautiful in your life these days? Or are you in need of a Glitter Injection?


Emma said...

Christine, I read "toe-undeez" and thought "what the heck is that? underwear for your toes??" So, I clicked and sure enough!! That is what it is!! (sort of :) I don't know anything about toe-undeez, but those gave me a big smile. I'm glad your toes have their undies. =D

Here are some of my shiny beauties:

* The carpet of colorful, colorful leaves that is covering the grass outside where we live. I love seeing it when I go outside!

* Endless amazing photos on flickr (and elsewhere online). When I take some time to browse, I see so many things that are just visually delicious.

* Art, art, and more art.

Michelle Shopped said...

this is totally encouraging me to return to dancing -- it transforms my life whenever it becomes my practice...

differenceayearmakes said...

I suspect your blog is different then it started out.

You are different !

Blogs evolve as the writer evolves.

Especially when the blogger shares a little sparkle of themselves, sincerely shares their own journey of discovery.

You're beginning to sparkle so that I may have to take to wearing sunglasses when I read my daily dose.

Keep it up twinkle toes.

Ashwee said...

Oh dear!

I think I have a new bloggy addiction!

Thanks for your contribution to bloggityland!


Sallie Ann said...

Glitter is essential and this ring is divine!