Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hierarchy of Gratitude

As you read this, Marcy is preparing to turn these organic lemons into a fresh, homemade lemon curd tart.

I am thankful every time I shop at our organic grocer that we can afford to be shopping there. So many people do not have enough to eat, much less have access to high quality food. Or people don't understand that there are better choices than diet pops and prepackaged meals.

We can afford it and we know about it: we are wealthy both in resource and information.

Thinking of wealth beyond dollars, reminded me of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs -- a pyramid that truly exhibits how privileged many of us are.

(Note: This is not a guilt post. Far from it. Having more, means we are held more accountable, I think, to the larger community.)

Today, during this American Thanksgiving, I am grateful for living a life where the following needs are met in abundance:


Marcy and I eat well and live in a beautiful home that is small by North American standards but would house entire families in most communities on this globe. We live in a clean city. We have clean drinking water that comes right into our home. We live in a city in which we are able to easily get around. We sleep and rest in peace.


We sleep and rest and live our lives free of fear that comes with War or extreme poverty. Our employment is safe, even in these difficult times. Our neighborhood is safe and we know our neighbors, which increases that safety.


Obviously, this need is fully met, as explained in my post yesterday.


Love and respect for yourself and a feeling that others love and respect you. I struggle, like anyone, with self esteem, but I never doubt that I can do whatever I put my mind to -- evidence that I don't struggle very hard. And I know others love and respect me

Self Actualization

This category includes creativity and spontaneity and a sense of meaning and purpose and the opportunity for peak experiences.

I was thinking about this a lot lately in terms of my YogaDance teacher training and the extreme privilege that that is. We can afford to send me away -- not that we don't have to save -- but beyond the money, I have the time.

The fact that I can spend so much of my energy seeking, pursuing meaning, asking the "big" questions, finding ways to use my gifts to their fullest potentials -- yes, I am aware and grateful.

More so all the time.


differenceayearmakes said...

I wish y'all a Happy Thanksgiving and even more to be grateful for in the next year.

StorytellERdoc said...

Great post today, C, especially on this day of giving thanks. I hope you and M have a great day!

Eco Yogini said...

Happy Thanksgiving my American bloggy friend :)

Laura Hegfield said...

I'll keep it simple Christine.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Tess said...

You're right to remind us. Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

holly-uk said...

wow, this was amazing christine. one of my favourite posts. i love this part "We can afford it and we KNOW about it: we are wealthy both in resource and information."
I really enjoyed reading this, it realy made me dig deep ad write in my journal about what im grateful for and the bigger picture...xx