Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Love Gratitude

I am so grateful for all of the Love in my life.

I swim in it every day. Like Lilly cat in this photo worshiping the sun, I feel bathed in the Light of So Much Love.

The love in my life is wrapped in glistening black and white fur -- and gray fur and white fur and a bit of orange.

The love in my life giggles sweetly and has carried me through grief until I, too, could giggle.

The love in my life helps to build my dreams, supports my desires, and holds up my wishes. (Those are just a few examples.)

The love in my life carves pathways through dark woods that emerge in brightly lit fields of (sun)flowers.

How about you? What does the love look like in your life?


Emma said...

Yay! More wonderfulness!

Laura Hegfield said...

the love in my life looks like two blond daughters with bright blue eyes, a handsome husband who has been my partner for 21+ years, my petite standard poodle Ellie always by my side, my Mom, Dad, 2 sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, friends, teachers, students, clients, our two kitties chaya and nefi,constant Presence of the Holy Blessed One of Being.

Haley-O said...

Right now, it looks like KITTIEEEEEEES! I love your kitty. Oy! So gorgeous.

Love looks like sleeping with my son these days. No matter what my peers say about co-sleeping, it's the sweetest thing ever. I'll miss these days when he's older.

Love looks like my daughter calling her teacher Mizik M-M-Mcrobbins. I know, huh? ;)

TheChicGeek said...

Hi Christine :)

So cute, I just wrote a sign with the first lines of your post...I'm so grateful for all the love in my life! I posted it on my bathroom daughter thinks I'm a freak....LOL

I came to wish you a Super Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day with all your friends and family and loved ones!
Hugs :)