Monday, November 9, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday Musings

Beginning with inevitable Weather Talk...

We have been having the most amazing weather recently.

Sunday it got up to at least 64 degrees, and they are calling for a high of 70 today!

Marcy and I did not realize how much we had been missing the Big Ball of Beautiful Light until we got to spend so much time in it. It was cleansing and invigorating.

As one of the characters on a Jeeves & Wooster (BBC) once said, "This fresh air is getting into my lungs!"

Moving onto The Kitchen Sink...

Our sink is clogged.

So what, right? Today, I will be calling the plumber, and as an Introvert, this is not something I look forward to -- a stranger in my space.

But, alas, life as an adult who owns a home.

I do have a point, wait...where did I put it? Oh, here...the cat dragged it under my chair.

We have had a bucket in the sink to Rinse Things Into. This has been a lesson.

We use about a half bucket of water just to rinse out the espresso thingie after we make our morning drinks.

This startled me. So having a clogged sink has made me even more aware of and grateful for the water we use. We are figuring out ways to cut back.

In the meantime, we got to see what it must have been like to live in that Little House on the Prairie!! (giggle...)

And culminating with a Typical Rant...

I do not know why, but during Autumn, I get less...tolerant of people and their grouch. People's grouch seems to grow in the Autumn, and I think it has to do with the Holidays and all the stuff we have attached to them.

I don't know.

But crank, snark, and cynicism, all seem to go through the roof as we approach Thanksgiving.

By Saturday mid-morning, I had read a disproportionate number of negative blog posts in my Reader. Which is saying a lot, because the blogs in my reader make it there due to their general lack of Judgment and Nasty.

This led to me feeling quite grumpy which led to me not dancing enough which led to me feeling even more grumpy.

Let's try a little harder to take care of each other, okay?

(Photo & Text Copyright: Christine C. Reed,, 2009, Lilly Watching)


JFKlaver said...

I think you should DANCE!!

differenceayearmakes said...

In Florida we always have a water shortage so we're always looking for ways to conserve water. We don't water our yard, the grass and the plants are on their own I'm afraid - someday we will take the time to xeriscape the yard. But I do need to water my orchids occasionally during the really dry spells.

We have taken to using dishwashing pans in the sink - we have a double sink and we'll use two pans one for washing and one for rinsing. Then we'll take these and water the ground under the orchids or some other plants, or just the grass. And I do know that dishwashing soap on some plants can help keep down aphids or other pesky pests, sometimes it works to get those pesky red ants to move on.

Maybe this has actually been a water conservation opportunity :).

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Ahh, the holiday grumpies have begun. Myself, I am tired of the rush and the pressure and the financial drain that happens each year. I have decided to take matters into my own hands. I am not buying gifts for friends this year, just the bare minimum family list.

Instead, my various friends and me have decided to just spend time together...after the holidays, going to lunch or dinner together. Because time is more precious than trinkets and we could all do without the stress.

Dance on, Radiant Woman. :)

Heather Plett said...

I have to say (humbly and with great respect), I think this is one area where we Canadians have it just a little bit better... We separate Thanksgiving from Christmas by a greater space and I think it makes for a more peaceful, relaxing season. It seems to me that I pick up on a LOT of stress/grouchies around the extended holiday season on the American blogs I read.

Bethany said...

Bliss is good, and dancing and rabbits and chicks. My friend Kathy sent me a link to your blog and your gfs. How fun. I love it.
Hope you find less grouch this week. I know just what you mean.
Bliss to you and an unclogged sink.

jelly said...

Hope you have a better week ahead!

Stacy Hurt said...

I didn't realize this but a couple of friends have said they a have that illness when there's not enough sunlight. I was surprised to learn that mild forms of depression happen to folks here in So. California too considering we get our fare share of sunlight & not much rain. "It's the time change" my friend said. "I get off work & it's home to bed practically since it's all ready dark; no time for after dinner walks even."