Saturday, November 28, 2009

MusicBliss: GLEEfully Recommended

Is there a reason you aren't watching the television show Glee? Because I can't imagine a good one -- reason, that is.

Marcy and I watch this via iTunes and we can barely wait for the next one to load.

This story of the magic of music to transform our lives; this story of the underdog having special "powers"; this story of the hell that is high school that we must all figure out a way to's worth your time.

And the music! There were some missteps, yes, when they started to overproduce and it covered up all the raw emotion, but they figured it out and some truly special arrangements have come out of their vision.

Like this. It has to be my favorite so far.


Jason, as himself said...

Wholeheartedly agreed! Glee is such a feel good show, even with the characters and their life struggles.

JFKlaver said...


Sydney said...

Oh woe is me, I am a lover of kitch and try to stay current but I have inexplicably NOT been bitten by the Glee bug, and I am the ONLY PERSON I KNOW WHO IS NOT INTO IT.


What's wrong with me? lol

I watched the first show and half of the third or fourth and just must be missing whatever IT is ....

Laura Hegfield said...

I'll admit it...Glee is my guilty pleasure too! I was in our "jazz choir-the Ambassadors" in High School...our arrangements were really tight harmonies, we competed, no one was pregnant, and our director was not hunky, but the sweetest man. He, and all the kids in the group made me feel like I actually "belonged" somewhere...that my quirkiness was acceptable...even desirable. I am still in close contact with two of my fellow Ambassadors. So I can't help takes me back to those feelings of being an insider and outsider and the joy of singing in a community...making incredible harmonies and the feeling in my heart-that fluttery energy that would expand out through the tips of my fingers and toes and my crown chakra when we found the perfect chord with out individual voices joined as one. Nothing in the world like that!

gentle steps,

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
Yes, correctly.